Trends We Love: Menswear 

Menswear is a trend that usually has a strong influence in the fall. This Spring menswear is trumping your usual floral. Slightly telling of the demands on our nation to see women as equals??? Political statement or not, a crisp business blouse will play on a mix of business and pleasure. These booties, BTW, come in 12 colors including leopard print!




Peplum Blouse & Denim – ZARA || Velvet Booties – Steve Madden || Sunglasses – Illesteva

Trends We Love: Ruffled Sleeves

I’ve always been a girly-girl, so romantic trends are always something I am drawn to. Ruffles are a perfect way to add a little romance to your momiform. Having two toddlers is hard work, dealing with poop in the potty, and diapers all day is no glamorous task. Chasing them around the park, parks filled with sand, bark chips, or dirt can feel a little grungy. Sometimes I want to feel a little extra feminine to balance out the hot mess mom. The ruffles are perfect for that extra pizzazz. Sweaters and blouses paired with your go-to jeans, and your ready to fool everyone into thinking you got it together.

Sweater – Shein || Boots – Stuart Weitzman || Belt – ShopBop || Sunglasses – Dior

Mom About Town: The King & I

There are many things you take for granted as young woman before children. One of those things is the ability to have a girls night whenever you please. Once the kids are in the picture it takes mega planning to step out the door kids-less. In the event you are lucky enough to meet with other mom friends, it took some serious coordination skills to all have the same free hour. To see this play, the four of us planned months in advance. It was a wonderful weekend day excursion. The executive planning payed off. Four moms, out and about in LA for a show and early dinner!
The King & I is an incredible play. I enjoyed it very much. I have only seen the newer Jodie Foster version of the story, and I recall enjoying in much as well. It’s hard to not be influenced by the political references in the story with our own current events. But I’m a sucker for everyday influences that make you think.

Being moms to a younger generation of kiddos, we all wanted to see a day show. This brought on the question of appropriate attire? A show in LA is often a tourist attraction, so during the day many will attend in jeans and casual wear. Being our only kid free opportunity to get out on the town we decided to dress more cocktail attire. Funny enough we all ended up in black and white… classic!



I am all over the menswear blouses this season. I particularly love the ones adorned with ruffles and feminine details. I had just received this off the shoulder blouse from Shein and it was perfect. I felt denim, even with the blouse and heels would be more casual than I wanted, so I wore these black pixie slacks from Target. I’m a big hi-low believer. High priced accessories-low cost clothing. My heels are my investment piece in this ensemble, beautiful Valentino’s. The drop earrings are from my most recent shipment of RocksBox.

She’s Three! My Threenager of Mass Destruction.

Cora is 3! The sass has kicked into full gear. Having a three year old is like being at war. They are toddlers of mass destruction. It takes research, strategy and  weapons. It’s in my nature to threaten and punish, but that’s not how I want to communicate with her. Reason and logic are not something three year old poses. This makes battle futile! Diversion is my number one weapon. I usually try to use humor to distract her if I can’t get her to focus and talk to me. I find that whatever the issue, it is usually due to an excess of pent up energy. Toddlers are little balls of energy, and they suck the energy out of everything around them. You end up depleted, and they are still bouncing off the walls. She starts to get loud and obnoxious, running crazy and jumping on furniture, and gets physical with her little sister when the spike hits. Some nights I can manage it, but others I am happy we both get out alive!

When she is cute, oh, she is cute! And boy can she turn it on at bed time. She wants all the snuggles. Pets my face, sings to me, gives me all the kisses, anything to not have to go to sleep. I eat it up! It wont be long before she wont need me or want me. I’m a proud mama that she is affectionate. When she wants to sit on my lap, or be held, it’s not so much primal anymore like as a baby. She is actively seeking my attention, because she genuinely wants it. There is nothing better than the embrace of her little arms, and sticky sloppy kiss. Sometimes I will be snuggling her when I come to bed (she co-sleeps), and I will hold her tights, and I get this urge to put her back in my belly. Where I can keep her warm and safe, and we can be as one always. It sounds creepy when I say it out loud, but I swear it feels SO natural in the moment.

Three is fun. I love to watch her play when she isn’t busy plotting my demise. She usually plays out recent events with her little figurines and dolls.  It’s always interesting to see the moments of the day that make an impact, and as seen through her eyes. Her sense of humor has started to develop, for that I credit her father. She tells stories and recognizes pretend from reality. I consider myself lucky to be home to witness these small developmental stages unfold before my eyes. There are plenty of moments I want to be anywhere else, but then the cuteness, in the nick of time, reminds me why I’m here. Why my nice clothes are covered in snot, and I’m drinking cold coffee I’ve microwaved twice already. She is a smart, witty, opinionated threenager. The fun is worth every bit of frustration when she smiles up at me and says “You’re a good Mommy!”.

She loves to go to Disneyland. Her favorite princess is Ariel, and Rapunzel is a close second. She loves to pretend she’s a doggy and is infatuated with kitties. She has started to sing along and remember song lyrics. Her dancing skills are inspiring. Her fear of the dark is infuriating at bedtime. Still a picky eater. Fully potty trained. Loves to do puzzles, read stories, and play her ipad. She helps Daddy make Minnie Mouse waffles every weekend.

Cora has really started to enjoy being a big sister. She still has some moments of jealousy and can get frustrated when her personal bubble is invaded, but who doesn’t? They play really well together, chasing each other back and forth through the house. She will pick a toy for sister to have a turn with. Even asking if sister can come play on occasion. We sing, we dance, and we love. I’m excited for 3. To see the world through a 3 year old’s eyes. To know what she is thinking, because now she can communicate. I’ve learned a great deal from her the past 3 years, and I know there is so much more for her to teach me.

Dress Up Your Mom Jeans: Checkered Zara Shirt Dress

In Southern California we have fickle weather in the winter – spring transition months. There is some skill in light layering. The air is cold, but the sun is warm. You don’t want to overheat in the sun, but you might freeze in the shade.

I got this checkered shirt dress from ZARA a few seasons ago. I loved it when I was pregnant and not “showing” or sharing. This cargo duster vest is a great layering piece from Who What Wear collection from Target. I layered them over the weekend with this H&M infinity scarf. One of my favorite people was throwing a 1st birthday party for her younger son. We have kids the same age, so we can really relate. I don’t know what I’d do without her! The party was great! It had sprinkled some rain in the morning, right before the park bash, but turned out to be a sunny beautiful day to celebrate.



Pieces in my outfit are from last season, so I linked some similar items below.

   Image of Melrose and Market Chunky Knit Infinity ScarfMain Image - Stuart Weitzman 'Lowland' Over the Knee Boot (Women)




Dress Up Your Mom Jeans: Faux Fur Sweater 

All black is always flattering. It’s still cold enough to layer out, and I love to mix texture when I layer. I got this faux sweater from H&M a few seasons ago, but I still love it. It’s surprising warm while being super light weight. Accessories are always a key to add a little personality to an all black outfit. These earrings are from Rocksbox, one of my new obsessions for jewelry. Sunglasses are Prada, Bracelets are from Nordies, and the teething bracelet, that’s right, the white bangle is really a teether! It’s Mama & Little.

Mama and Little is having and Anniversary Sale NOW! 25% off select items, and with my code you get and EXTRA 15%!!! Enter CHELSEA at checkout to take advantage of the double savings!

Dress Up Your Mom Jeans: Black Brim Hat

I love hats, I always have. It will transform your look from basic to trendy. A hat can help cover a bad hair day and will give your outfit that “something special”. The one featured here is from ZARA. The teething necklace is on sale, and if you use my discount code CHELSEA, you will get an additional 15% off the already discounted Mama & Little necklaces. The one featured here is included in the sale!

7 Ways to Make 2017 the Year of Love.

The sun has set on 2016! It’s been a rough year in the media and for many around the world. As we wake on January 1st, 2017, let us make this year, a year of LOVE. There are many small ways to spread love daily. Some take practice. Others are easy and fun! I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions, but I do believe in a symbolic fresh start! Adopt one, or practice them all. There is sure to be at least one way you can help spread love all year long!

Love Yourself: New Years resolutions are commonly self improvement. Lose weight, stop smoking, drink less, etc. What if you changed the way you see yourself in 2017? Wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say “I love you!”…and mean it! When you love yourself, you make yourself happy and you become a priority to you. All the bad habits are easy(ish) to give up when you see yourself as worthy of love and happiness because you are finally comfortable admitting the root cause of the habit. Bad habits* are often crutches for something along the lines of stress, loneliness, boredom, low self esteem and self worth. When your love for yourself turns into belief in yourself, those little devils on your shoulder slowly fade away into the silence.  Only when you love yourself can others truly love you.

Find Love Everywhere: In my low moments I judge others, or say something smart or mean-spirited in my head to make myself feel better. “What is she wearing?”, “That poor child, the mother doesn’t know what she’s doing!”. Can you tell what my top insecurities are? I try to catch it, and immediately find something beautiful in them, or turn my negative judgement into a positive impression or empathy. “She has a beautiful smile, look how confident she is!”, or “Parenting is so hard, I hope she gets a break later”. And then I force myself to smile, because I’m obviously feeling bad about myself. A game I like to play when I’m driving, or waiting in line is to think something nice about the next 5 people I see. I love to people watch. When you are looking for love and joy, you can find it in some awesome and raw moments. I also try to compliment people when I meet them. I use it as a way to help create an association to them so I remember their name, Sarah with the shoes, Bob’s blue eyes, etc…

Give Love: During the Holidays we say, “it’s better to give than to receive”, that is true all year long. It doesn’t have to be a pay-it-forward, but those are awesome for the person who receives! I’m not a church goer now, but back when I did attend, it was customary to give 10% of earnings  back to the church. I still give 10% to my community. It can be in the form of monetary or physical donation, or it can be my time and contribution. Give, it will make you feel good, and will help someone who needs it!

Smile: Smiling is contagious! The feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released when you put a smile on your face!  Get happy people! There really is so much to be happy about every day. You can make others smile by saying hello as you pass by, or open a door for someone. You don’t only make that person smile, you make everyone who sees the act of kindness smile too! That could be a lot of happy people!


Sing and Dance: Even if no one is watching! Singing and dancing put happy energy into the world and can give you a boost when you need it. If you are hurt or upset, give yourself some time, set a timer, then dance it out. I promise it works!

Speak in the Positive Tense: This is important! The way we talk to each other has long term effects. It is important that we lift each other. It is imperative that our children see that we support each other, and that we are happy. We have a tendency as a community to speak in the negative. This is something I have practiced for many years now, and I see it come into play in the parenting world a lot. Here are some examples:

  • “No Worries” – double negative, instead “All good”
  • “Stop that!”, instead “Please do THIS”
  • “Lose weight” – lose is negative, instead “Be healthy/skinny/fit”

Open Your Mind and Your Heart Will Follow: This year our eyes were shocked to see how much judgement and separation there is in our country. There is no one way to be a good human being. We all have different expectations and standards of ourselves as people in the community. If you can remember to only hold yourself to that expectation you will have more compassion for those who are not to your standard. Every home has different needs and values. We are most likely working toward getting to the same end goal. While our paths may differ, they might cross, and when they do, if we have no interest in their path, we should still wish them well on their journey and hope to see them on the other side.

Join me in making 2017 a year of love! Share your moments of love with us on instagram #morelove2017


With Love, the Padgetts

One of my favorite things about the Holidays is all the Christmas Cards I get, with beautiful pictures of happy families. Before having kids of my own I thought they were cheesy. Now all I can see is the love. It’s no easy feat to get kids, of any age, to take a picture on demand. They don’t want to wear the outfit, they are hungry, they are tired, they are sick, and they are impatient.

In our case, they were woken up from their nap, their clothes thrown on, and hair done, and raced to the beach to catch the sunset. As hard as we tried to get them to go down for a nap early, they know! They know intuitively you need them to sleep, RIGHT NOW! So they don’t! The sunset was gorgeous, it was a perfect evening for a photo. The waves were huge, and they were too big for Cora, so she wouldn’t let us put her down. Notice we are holding both girls in all the group pics. Bex apparently hates the sand, in the one photo we took away from the water. It was all worth it! We got some beautiful family photos with some great memories behind them. Next year though, maybe we wont plan around mother nature, we’ll plan around the kids.

Thank you to my very talented friend and photographer Angela Kim.



Bexley is ONE

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

My second little baby girl is one! I can’t believe it. What a year it has been! Having a one year old and a three year old is no easy feat. The juggle is real! That’s why this post is more than a month after her birthday – oops. She started walking and now she’s chasing and climbing after big sister. I love watching her waddle around. Adorable and dangerous. She loves to sing and has a basic vocabulary. Mama, Mommy, Dada, Baba, Thank you, Hi, Hello, and Bye-Bye. She has a few hand signs down and will wave and blow kisses. Her appetite is one to be desired. I don’t think there is anything she has turned down. She gets rather excited about Cheerio’s and string cheese.

She has discovered our automatic trash bin, so it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be dumpster diving for my missing phone or keys. She is obsessed with cell phones, Siri is her bestie!  If you can’t find her she is in the bathroom. So far I’ve only fished one toy out of the toilet.

Bexley is such a happy girl. So full of love. Always smiling and giving hugs and kisses. Her smile is contagious. She is a HUGE flirt. Her joining our family has been a wonderful journey. Bexley’s world rises and sets to her big sister. Witnessing their relationship grow has been one of my favorite parts of the last year, and a huge learning experience. Watching how they interact has taught me so much about each of them. They are more different than I imagined they would be. When we were pregnant with Bexley, most people assumed I was hoping for a boy, but in truth I was leaning more toward a girl. I have a sister myself, same age difference. Having a sister is such a special bond. I wanted that for both of them. I hope to foster an environment where they grow as individuals and appreciate the differences in each other. To instill a sense of sisterhood and family so they will always turn to the other. I don’t want to miss one moment of their little adventures. These two girls fill my heart with more joy than I thought humanly possible.

Bexley, you chose us, and for that I am eternally grateful. You have been nothing but a blessing to our family. Never let the light in your smile dull. Know for certain that your father and I will love you unconditionally, forever.