All the Best Beauty Faves from 2019

It’s no secret I’m a total makeup junkie. As a former makeup artist and product tester I just can’t kick the habit of testing out the new trends in beauty. From skincare to sparkle eyeshadow I’ve found some new faves that make me excited to get up and do my makeup every morning. As a busy Stay-at-Home mama, I have to make time to do my makeup each morning. When you look better, you feel better, you do better. My makeup is a priority to me. It makes me feel beautiful, but it also gives me my superpower. Putting on my makeup in the morning gives me 10-15 minutes to myself, to do something just for me and start the day with vibrancy. It allows me to be creative and feel confident throughout my otherwise ho-hum day. I mean, doing dishes, laundry, and breastfeeding baby aren’t exactly the most glamorous daily tasks. I absolutely love being able to share my joy of makeup with you all! It is the cherry on top! Soooo… let’s chat my fave makeup!

Sometimes brands will send me poducts to test, and sometimes brands will want to collaborate to introduce you all to a new product. I love testing new products, and sometimes they become genuine favorites. In this post I’ve included all the products that are new to me this year that became part of my regular routine. All suggestions and opinions in this post are based on my experience with these products.

Many links included in this post are commissionable links. If you buy something by clicking a link I could earn a small commission. Maybe enough for a coffee… not enough for a Prada…

Skin Care Love || This is the first year I’ve really been excited to test out skincare. In my adolescence, I had really bad acne. I tried so many skincare regimens that didn’t work and became convinced I’d have a bad complexion for life. I started wearing heavy makeup to try to cover it up and that’s how my obsession with beauty began… I’ve learned so much about skin since those hopeless days and moving to Colorado, where it’s so dry, I had to change up my routine. Dry skin has always been my biggest challenge, along with large pores and acne. The explosion of skin oils that have hit the market are the best thing that’s ever happened to my complexion!

Best Face Forward || Finding the right foundation is no simple task. Coverage, finish and tint all matter when comes to face makeup. If your concealer doesn’t work magic on your under-eye circles, then you are using the wrong one! Your skin finish is a personal preference. I personally, like a medium to full coverage foundation with all of the glow. I have really dry skin, so I have a strong love for cream products.

Toolkit || The makeup and skincare tools to apply and remove product are just as important as the beauty product you use. Good makeup brushes don’t have to break the bank anymore! Check these out!!!

Beauty Sleep Glow || Fake beauty sleep and get that “I woke up like this” glow with these beauty picks. You can create a dewy, gorgeous glow from within by prepping the skin with hydrating face oils or pearlescent face primers. If you want even more focus on your skin, these highlights will give you some serious sparkle, shimmer, and shine!

Eyes || Cream eyeshadows have become my new makeup obsession. They are long-wearing, easy to apply and blend, usually smudging with just your finger. So easy anyone can apply these shadows! This season the cream eyeshadows come in a wide variety of colors and are available in shimmer and matte textures.

Lippie of the Day || A lipstick seems so simple, but it can change your makeup from drab to fab… or from day to night! From the perfect nude to vibrant color, or the reddest red lip, lip color can change your mood and boost a women’s confidence. I’ve found some great lipstick and lipgloss colors from both drugstore and designer cosmeticsbrands.

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