Visit the Ice Castles, Dillon Colorado

We moved from Los Angeles to Colorado last year, right before Christmas. I wanted to make a trip up to the Ice Castles in Dillon and we didn’t have the opportunity. This year I was’t about to miss out. Especially when I have two little girls who are obsessed with Frozen. “Ice is their life!” When I showed them the castles that Elsa built they got super excited. I was a little worried they wouldn’t be as impressed when we got to the Ice Castles, but they were in awe as much as I was.

This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with the Ice Castles. All opinions are, as always, my own. My family took a trip to Dillon to visit the Ice Castles and this was our experience.

Traffic was horrific from Denver to Keystone, but I assure you, it was SO worth it! A 2-hour drive took over 4. We’ve traveled with the girls since birth, and we come from LA-traffic-on-the-405-life, so they are used to being in the car for long periods of time. For some of our favorite road trip activities check out this post with 6 Screen-Free Ways to Entertain Kids in the Car.

What You Need To Know: You need to reserve Ice Castle tickets online in advance! Tickets can sell out weeks in advance and are sold for 30 minute time slots.

Make sure you put the Ice Castles on your winter bucket list! If you don’t have little children to plan your trip around, I’ve been told they are even more spectacular at night. Unfortunately, my kids witching hour is about 4 p.m. so we went in the early afternoon.

I wore snow pants, which really weren’t necessary. I do wish the girls had worn them, but they put up a good fight and I knew we’d only be there for about 30 minutes. There are slides and tunnels to play in for both kids and adults. I would say gloves are a must and maybe some hand warmers. There are plenty of picture perfect spots all throughout the Ice Castles so you can capture the magic.