What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Circumstances of child birth are different in every delivery. There is no telling how long labor will take and how long you’ll need to be in the Hospital for recovery (unless you have a scheduled c-section). You may use all of these things, you may use none of them… But I’m a girl that likes to be prepared for anything!

I recommend keeping your Hospital registration and your Birth Plan in your wallet.

hospital bag

In your Hospital Bag

For Delivery

Lip Moisturizer || Fuzzy Socks || No Spill Water Bottle || Tennis Ball (for back massage)

Toiletries and

 Extra Hair Ties & Dry Shampoo || Facial Wipes || Make Up

If you plan on breast feeding

Nursing Night Gown & Bra || Robe || Nipple Butter and or Lanolin || Nipple Shields

During recovery

Extension Cable (incase you don’t have an outlet to charge your phone close to the bed) || Phone Charger || Chocolate || Belly Wrap || Full Coverage Panties || Eye Mask || Ear Plugs || Bluetooth Speaker

For the Hubby

Extra clothes || Toiletries || Small cooler for Snacks (stuff you wont want to eat and doesn’t have a pungent sent)

For your visitors

Hand Sanitizer || A pre-made list of take out and coffee orders so they can bring you food || An extra tote or weekender for the baby gifts

For the Baby

Swaddle and or blanket || Something that smells like Mom and Dad for when they have to leave the room || Outfit to leave Hospital (with pants to protect from car seat buckle) || Hat || Burpee rags ||  A pink emery board for their nails || Gift for older siblings if they have them