5 Simple Hacks for Perfect Mess-Free Marbled Easter Eggs

Easter is my girl’s favorite Holiday! Dying Easter eggs and going on Easter egg hunts gets them so excited. An Easter Bunny that delivers baskets full of jelly beans… what’s not to love? Coloring Easter eggs is a favorite past time of mine. Back in my day they didn’t have all the cool ways to create art out of hard boiled eggs. I remember thinking using a white crayon to draw a secret design, only to be reveiled by the egg dye was the coolest hack! Even when I moved out of my parent’s house I continued the tradition of coloring Easter Eggs. My husband doesn’t care to participate in the decorating process but he gets pretty excited for the eating deviled eggs after! If you like deviled eggs too, check out these 3 Dessert Deviled Eggs I concocted a few years ago! 

There are so many different varieties of egg dying kits that line the grocery shelves now. From the basic old school colors, to glitter, tie dye, and even galaxy. When the Cora and Bexley were toddlers they loved coloring eggs as much as they do now, but spilling those egg dyes always gave me so much anxiety. When I heard of the Shaving Cream meathod I had to give it a try. The girls love playing with shaving cream in the bath so I knew it would be a hit. We haven’t gone back to store bought kits since these have turned out beautiful every year. There has been some shaving cream controversy umong the DIY mom community for those of us that love to eat the eggs after, so if you’re concerned about toxins from Shaving Cream, Cool Whip works perfectly too. I’ve done it both ways.

What You’ll Need

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs still in the shell. I always get perfect eggs cooking them in an Instant Pot
  • White Vinegar
  • Food Coloring, we enjoy the neon colors
  • Shaving cream or Cool Whip (must be the whipped cream in the tub)
  • Cake Pan
  • Spoons and Tongs OR rubber gloves

5 Hacks for Little Kid Mess-Free Perfection

Hack 1 || Soak the Eggs For the boldest colors you want to soak the hard-boiled eggs in water and white vinegar for at least an hour before you color them.

Hack 2 || Freezer Bag If you have a younger sibling that wants to join in on the tie-dye Easter egg coloring fun, but you’re worried about food coloring ruining all your nice things, this is the perfect hack for you! Put the shaving or whipped cream in a zip lock bag with a few drops of food coloring and a couple of hard-boiled eggs, zip the bag closed and let their little hands roll the eggs around in the bag.

Hack 3 || Cake Pan vs. Muffin Tin Using a cake pan as I did the first time is a great way to marble all the Easter eggs at once. This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time. A muffin tin allows you to custom color each marble egg because it keeps the colors from mixing together.

Hack 4 || Use Utensils When I was searching for Tie Dye egg how-to’s on Pinterest many of the crafty moms recommended using rubber gloves. I know my girls would get super frustrated with that idea so we used spoons and tongs. Food coloring stains anything and everything so you definitely don’t want to use bare hands!

Hack 5 || Let Them Sit I know kids are sticklers for instant gratification but your marbled Easter eggs will come out much more vibrant if you let them marinade in the cream for a little while before rinsing them off. I’d say 30 minutes at the very least. Try one of these activities to keep them busy while they wait.!