How To Create a Simple Grazing Table for Your Holiday Party

Have you seen this years hottest Holiday trend on Pinterest? Gone are the days of simple cheese boards. Grazing tables have stolen the spotlight for many savvy hostesses. What is a Grazing Table, you ask? A grazing table is a buffet of food that is presented in a way that the items are spilling over each other and are placed in multiple spots on the table so as a guest walks by, they can simply graze. I put a treat grazing table together for a recent Moms Night In I hosted in my home. I created a beautiful holiday treat grazing table for the moms to munch on with their wine. I choose to purchase all my treats. This busy mama just didn’t have time to make any goodies from scratch for this event. This table took me a total of 15 minutes to create and even without baking all the cookies I felt very Martha!

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Included in my Holiday Treat Grazing Table

1 || Pepperidge Farm’s Milano Mint Cookies

2 || Pepperidge Farm’s Brussels Cookies

3 || Toffee Covered Peanuts

4 || Santa Clause Chocolates

5 || Holiday Gummy Mix

6 || Dansk Butter Cookies

7 || Zebra Popcornopolis Popcorn

8 || Vanilla and Strawberry Wafer Cookies

All above available on Amazon Prime Pantry to save you busy ladies even more time!

I had a relatively small mom group coming so I didn’t keep going. Other simple treats for your guests to graze on are

9 || Marshmallows

10 || Fudge

11 || Chocolate or Yogurt Covered Pretzels

12 || Raisins

13 || Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts, etc…

14 || M&M’s, Hershey Kisses, Reese’s

15 || Peppermints

The Grazing Table trend won’t be going away any time soon. You can create a fruit or cheese spread grazing table, a kid birthday party grazing table, or set up an entire buffet as a grazing table. Any finger food is grazable! Tell me, what would you want to graze on in the comments? Don’t forget to PIN and SHARE!

When styling your grazing table keep these 5 tips in mind

1 Height || To create some different hights on my grazing table I stacked cheese boards, used cake platters, and differently shaped serving bowls. I didn’t incorporate this trick in the Moms Night grazing table, but I’ve put cooling racks under tablecloths to create an elevated level.

2 Color || Most of my cookies and treats were all neutral colors so I used a colorful table runner I found at Home Goods, and the Santa and gummy candies to add a pop of festive color. You can also use flowers, fruit, or colorful serving wear and decor to create your grazing table.

3 Texture || Using texture, like different prints and patterns of table runners or placemats can create a really lush vibe for your grazing table.

4 Flavor || Having a mixture of flavors is a great way to make sure there is something for everyone included in your grazing table. Sweet, Salty, maybe some spicy? Also, take the flavor into consideration when placing and overlapping your grazing items. If there is something minty or spicy, you may not want to put it next so something that won’t mix well.

5 Ease || Everything on a grazing table should be simple to grab and eat. I had small plates available for the moms at our social, but most of the ladies just grabbed a cookie or a handful of popcorn as they walked by. If you’re serving your meal as a grazing table this won’t always apply.



This Halloween Candy Board from Honestly Yum is Great Inspiration for any Kid Party

candy mini grazing table


This beautiful fruit board from With Salt and Pepper is great for guests young and old.

This fresh fruit board with ricotta blend is complete with granola and wildflower honey toppings and is the perfect brunch idea for a crowd.


This feast served as a picnic from Tara Milk Tea is sure to inspire your next Holiday dinner.

 Happy Holidays!