Look Better in a Beautiful Belted Blanket Scarf


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Scarves have been a go-to accessory for me for years. I love how it feels like I’m wrapped in a blanket, all cozy and safe. There are so many ways to wrap and wear scarves you can really never go wrong. As an on-the-go mama in LA, I need to embrace layering. It can be cool and overcast here by the beach, especially in the morning, but once the sun has reached its perch at noon the temps go up to the 80’s. More often than I like to admit I am caught in a sweater, dripping sweat and overheating. Sweating has never been a cute look for me, and I’m not very patient when I’m burning up and uncomfortable.

Can we talk about these gorgeous shoes for a minute? I love that blush pink has made its way into winter time. It used to be an Easter exclusive… I found these shoes during the Nordies half-yearly sale and they were pre-order only. After waiting patiently for over a month they arrived and were worth the wait! They are a great hight if you are like me and still like a little heel chasing your toddlers, but they are comfortable so my feet aren’t swollen at the end of our busy day.

This sweater is going to be lived in this Fall and Winter. It is so soft! I belted the scarf with a skinny belt, and both are simple to remove if the sun shines later. I like to invest in my sweaters, they are usually softer if they cost a little more, but the scarf, belt, and hat are steals!

Photography by Leinea Nabayan