15 Perfect Ways for Kids of All Ages to Practice Giving Back

Tis the season for giving. There are many ways I like to give back and pay it forward all through the year. There is something extra magical about giving during the Holiday Season. When I became a mom, Holiday Spirit was something I wanted to make sure I passed the importance of onto my girls. I quickly learned that little kids aren’t included in many of the ways I know to give back. They are too small to participate in a food bank and too cootie-ridden to go to a children’s hospital. They have little understanding of money or people less fortunate than us. As a busy mom with small children, I had to re-think the way we can give to our community. There are so many little ways to brighten a person’s day.

Give Time

Little kids might not be able to volunteer at a shelter or hospital, but they can offer their time to their family, friends, and neighbors. Time is something so easy for kids to give. It’s helpful for busy moms when their kids are occupied. Any chore can turn into given time. Some might still require adult supervision depending on age and ability.

1|| Sing a song

2|| Read or tell a story

3|| Watch or play with pets

4|| Water Plants

5|| Check their mail

6|| Yardwork

Santa in the Sand photography by Mark DeJohn. 2017.

Give Money

My kids don’t have money or a great understanding of money quite yet. My girls do love coins. Shiny little magic treasures. You can leave coins for kids to find and help inspire them to pay it forward. During the Christmas season, there is always the Salvation Army collections. There are the coin collections at McDonald’s the rest of the year.

7|| Make a wish in a fountain for someone else

8|| Salvation Army collections

9|| Church collections

Give Joy

Give joy, get joy. There are so many things you can do to make a person smile. It’s as easy as a smile.

10|| Smile

11|| Hold a door open

12|| Make a special treat for someone

13|| Write a thank you card

14|| Give a compliment

15|| Celebrate small accomplishments

What are some of the ways your family pays it forward during the Holiday season? Share with us in the comments. Don’t forget to pin for later!