5 Simple Activities the Entire Family Can Enjoy Together This Holiday

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The Holiday’s are about the family coming together, creating and carring on traditions and making memories. Putting all the little stuff aside and remembering the good in everyone family, friend or foe. We take time out to give back to those in need and we are humbled by the love that surrounds us. I recall so many magical moments of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas mornings past. The Holiday’s are the makings of my youngest memories. Going to my Nana’s for Thanksgiving and playing with her silver spoon collection. My parents putting my sister and me in matching frilly dresses. Oh, I hated them sooooo much! They were itchy and uncomfortable and made me miserable. Kids these days have it so easy with a variety of Holiday kid styles from OshKosh B’gosh they can be cute and comfy so they remember the happening of the day, not the fashion misery. One year when my mom was hosting Turkey Day, my Uncle, who recently passed from cancer, sat down and broke the dining chair. I remember it like it was yesterday, laughter rang through the kitchen and dining area. He was a big football and military-type guy and the chair just gave out underneath him. Fast forward years later, the first Thanksgiving I wasn’t home in Oregon, I was across the country, with my now husband, at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We woke up before dawn to catch the bus from Jersey into the City. All bundled up we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a sprinkle and found a spot to watch the big inflatables float by as musicians sang and celebrities waved to the NYC crowd. Two years ago, my second daughter, Bexley, was born the day before Thanksgiving. Now that I have my little babies, we host Thanksgiving for the whole family. The girls love having our little home filled with their people!

Christmas is my favorite day of the year. My parents always made it such a special morning. We started on Christmas Eve with a tradition of receiving new holiday pj’s and a new tree ornament. We also got to pick one gift to open that was already under the tree. If you want to find the sweetest holiday jammies for your little sugar plums, check out OshKosh B’gosh! I remember my parents leaving an alarm clock outside their master bedroom and we weren’t allowed to go downstairs until the buzzer rang.  Growing up in Oregon we used to go cut down our own Christmas trees. My Grandmother had a knack for making everything we did a little extra imaginative. On our trips to select the perfect pine we would hunt for Indians. As a full grown adult, I see a few issues with this game. It’s no longer politically correct to “hunt for Indians”, nor is it reasonable to expect to see Indians out in the snow-blanketed forest. Keep your little kiddos warm and in picture-perfect kids style if you are enjoying some outdoor winter activities with adorable outerwear from OshKosh B’gosh. Her PC judgment aside, my Grammy knew how to make a long car ride fun. She could get you to believe in almost anything. At Grammy’s house, there was an empty fish tank, that for many years my siblings and I believed was the home to multiple invisible fish. She even helped us feed them morning and night.

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The Holiday season is busy for us with Holidays and birthday celebrations. Bexley is a Thanksgiving baby, my Husband has a birthday the second week of December, and my oldest daughter, Cora was born between Christmas and New Years. We are party, party, party this time of year. So many opportunities for family fun and memory making. I now understand why my mother would dress us in matching dresses- because it’s adorable! The dresses back then were so stiff and itchy. I’ve learned from previous years that my little girls can be cute and comfy. We love OshKosh B’gosh and their adorable Holiday collection. The girls can look cute, and coordinate or match and still be comfortable doing what little toddlers do.

Bounce off the walls. That’s what toddlers do… At least that’s what my toddlers do when they are in the house all day filled with adults. Our family travels to see these little princesses, so we put together activities the whole family can enjoy doing, no matter their age, and making precious memories in the process. These 5 activities are super simple to prep for and can be modified for all ages of kids to enjoy. No boredom fits here!

Baking and Decorating Cookies – Baking cookies is always a good time. You get to make a big mess and it tastes delicious! We prefer sugar cookies for the girls because decorating the cookies is their favorite part…and licking frosting off the spatula. You can make a family recipe from scratch or get a “just add water and egg” version of your favorite cookies. Baking is a great motor skill and sensory activity. It also teaches patience as they have to wait for the cookies to bake and cool.

Writing Letters to Santa – Thanksgiving day is the perfect time to write Mr. Claus to remind him how good you have behaved this year! It’s fun to help the kids write theirs, but if everyone writes one it fills the house with Christmas spirit. Couldn’t hurt dropping the name of that handbag you are eying onto paper for Santa’s helper to see…

Hot Cocoa Bar – Get a Cocoa bar going with coffee for the big kids and hot chocolate or chocolate milk for the tiny humans and stock it with all the fixings. Whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries, candy canes, maybe even a scoop of ice cream in there…. huh? Have a Hot Cocoa tea party by the fire decked out in their matching OshKosh B’gosh and read some holiday stories or watch a holiday family favorite movie.

Holiday Garlands – Garlands are a simple craft and be done so many different ways. String popcorn or cranberries, cereal or noodles. You can find pre-made garlands and add ribbons, paint, and glitter to them. Create an advent garland with strips of construction paper and a little glue and some stickers, and let the countdown to Christmas begin.

Holiday Dance Party – My girls love to get their wiggles out Rockin Around the Christmas Tree! Play some Christmas music, or just turn up the radio. If you’ve had enough eggnog get the Kereoke machine going… just make sure to confiscate devices first, or you’ll end up gifting us a hilarious video!

Whatever activities you choose to do with your family over the Holidays try to add a little magic! I can honestly say I only remember a few of the gifts I found under the Christmas tree, but I still see headdress feathers flitting between Douglas Furs, even here in the LA parking lot. Hunt for Santa’s Elves in your garden and convince them they see their footprints. Leave a little flour and glitter by the fireplace or tree as traces of the Big Guy’s visit. Let the kid in you create magic for your kids. Let your imagination run wild, or play off of theirs. Dress them in the cutest and comfiest so they are free to bounce from wall to wall, and from grandparent to aunt or uncle.

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