How To Throw An Effortless Birthday Party with Sprinkle & Dot

I love throwing parties! I was born a hostess. Sometimes it can get overwhelming though. I’m a busy mom of 2 little girls that never run out of energy. To make it a little more tricky, they both have birthday’s the week of major Holidays. Bexley’s birthday is the week of Thanksgiving and Cora has a birthday a few days after Christmas. Throw in Daddy’s birthday the beginning of December and I’m literally the clown juggling bowling pins at the circus. The Holiday’s are my favorite time of year and I don’t want to stress. Birthday’s have always been an important celebration in my family and I like to carry on that tradition and give each girls their own special day. It can be tough to find the balance.

This party was gifted to us by Sprinkle and Dot in return for honest review. All opinions are my own.


“I want it to stay forever!” – Bexley, age 3

Recently, the lovely ladies from Sprinkle & Dot reached out to me and offered to throw us a birthday party. Obviously, I accepted, because who turns down a birthday party? I’ve done a lot of fun things through this blog and this takes the cake! (pun intended). I had no idea that throwing a perfect Unicorn birthday party could be this simple. The Denver based party rental doesn’t just have the tents for rent. They literally throw the party for you. They showed up the morning of the party to set up all the tents, with mattresses, for the kids. They brought party favor tumblers and unicorn cupcakes. All they needed from me was to invite the girl’s buddies and tell them how many kids would be attending! We took care of food and snacks. They came back the next morning to pick it all up. The kids were completely entertained by their personal tents and all the moms were wishing we had anything like this growing up.

Next time you are wondering what to do for a birthday party call Sprinkle & Dot and let them handle it. Not a girl mama? They have some really fun boy themes too, like Football or Star Wars. Not a fan of sleepovers? Our kids are too young to stay the night, but they still loved playing in their tents. During clean up the next morning, Bexley said: “I want them to stay forever!”. A picture perfect birthday party is now effortless when you call Sprinkle & Dot!