#WEARTHESWIMSUIT: Over 35 of the Best Swimsuits You’ll Actually Want to Wear this Summer


Ladies! Listen up. It’s summertime and that means it’s time to head to the nearest body of water. That could be poolside, on the lake or feet in the sand. I’m no stranger to feeling BLAH in a swimsuit. I’m a big believer that our scars, lumps and stretch marks are road maps of our motherhood (life) journey, but let’s get real, we all feel self-conscious in a swimsuit. Be like Elsa, L E T  I T  G O!!!! Wear the swimsuit. Get in the water. Have fun with kids. They won’t remember what you look like, they’ll remember the fun they had. Take the photos. This is real life. This is us. If Instagram died tomorrow they would know nothing of the pressure we feel to have the perfect body for the photo in the little square. Show our kids that all bodies are different and everyone is beautiful. Wear. The. Swimsuit.

PRO TIP: Shopping for a swimsuit

When shopping for a swimsuit online or in store there are a few things I look for.

Let’s talk boobies! Breast coverage. Triangle tops don’t give much coverage these days, or support. They also have a tendency to come loose if you are playing with littles in the water. If you are looking for a bikini, first of all, you go girl! Spread that confidence around like confetti! Second, make sure it has at least one closure clasp, two is preferred to ensure no wardrobe malfunctions. When it comes to tops, I look more for function vs. fashion.

Bootylicious! I’ve always been blessed with a badonkadonk (it’s a word!). Unfortunately, most bathing suits don’t cover much of it. It’s the first thing I look for when shopping for swimsuits. I don’t want to spend most of my fun in the sun dealing with a wedgie. I also don’t want to look like I’m in a saggy diaper. If shopping online don’t purchase any swimsuit you can’t see the back of on the model.

Online Shopping The best way to shop online is to order a couple in different styles and sizes. CHECK THE RETURN POLICY! Look for sales and free return shipping. That way you can try on a variety and if they don’t work out you send them back without hassle or additional cost. Many stores now let you return in-store which is another great option.

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