More than 10 Reasons Why You Need This Smart Watch

“I’m not like regular moms, I’m a cool mom…” with a cool watch, to help me do cool mom things.

This post is sponsored by Misfit, as always, all thoughts and words are my own

Modern motherhood is like being a juggling clown in the circus. There are so many balls up in the air all day, every day. My new favorite accessory isn’t just chic, it’s smart! My watch doesn’t just tell time, it manages my life! As a blogger and social media influencer, it’s my job to be on my phone. I’m a mommy first though, and my girls don’t always understand that I’m working on my phone, not just play games like they like to do. I’ve been trying to be more conscious of when I’m on the phone and why. I’ve been wanting a smartwatch but wasn’t a fan of the look. Fashion mom, duh! Misfit solved that problem and made this super sleek watch that does it all without a smart screen. My watch gives me notifications and tracks my progress with a light vibration and phone app (available for iOS and Android). I can also change my music and take a selfie with a click of its buttons. I can put my phone down and know I won’t miss anything important.

I have the Misfit Path. It sends me a vibration alert for texts and phone calls, who get’s those anymore… and can be synced with your social accounts too. It tracks my steps, calories and physical activity, completely personalized, and will even send me alerts to remind me to get active if I’ve been still too long. That’s not a problem I often have with two little girls running around, but one should always have goals. I’m very aware of the lack of sleep I get, but now I can track my exhaustion with the Misfit. I can set a morning alarm and it will vibrate. No more loud alarm waking the girls too. If only it could brew my coffee.

The smartwatch doesn’t have to charge! Download the app and it’s ready to go out of the box. I’ve always got music playing in the house. Music makes me a better mom and I use it to set the tone and energy of the house. Now I can control my playlist with a touch of a button on my Misfit. I can even take a selfie with the girls using the watch as a remote. Pretty awesome feature in my line of work! When I lose my phone, the watch can make it ring. I’ve owned many accessories that are helpful in motherhood, but this one is my favorite yet!