Binkie Travels: 8 Tips for Your Visit to LEGOLAND California

We recently took the girls for a weekend trip to Legoland. It was a last-minute trip, but we had been planning on making a trip this summer. Because it was last-minute we weren’t able to book at the Legoland Hotel. We were so disappointed because we’ve heard how cool their themed rooms are. We still made it a point to visit their lobby and hope to return to see the park in holiday festivity. We spent the first day at the water park and the second checking out all the other attractions. Cora loved the water park so much she put up a huge fight the second day. It took some convincing, but once we got her on a ride she was onboard. We also found a splash pad outside the entrance to the water park and she ended up enjoying that just as much as the water slides.

8 Tips for your Visit to LEGOLAND California

Get to the Water Park Early – We loved the water park. Worth the extra ticket 100%! The website recommends to wait till 11 am to skip the lines, but if you don’t get there first you won’t get seating. The seating in around each water play area is very limited. They do have cabanas for rent, but they are bit pricey.

Height Requirements – Check the height requirements before your visit. We frequently go to an amusement park that allows lap sitting on most rides. There is NO LAP SITTING on any rides. There are plenty of rides for toddlers, but I ended up waiting for Cora and Daddy most of the day. They do offer Parent Swap if you both want to experience the ride together.


Visit the Legoland Hotel – Even if you aren’t able to stay at the Legoland Hotel I recommend you take a walk through their lobby.

Bring Hand Sanitizer – There are interactive lego building stations all over the park including in the center of some of the lines for the rides. All those tiny dirty fingers…

Granny’s Apple Fries – Find them and eat them.

No Batman – We were very disappointed to find that there was no more Batman character like in the commercials.Emmet and Wyldstyle are still available, but Cora was so excited to see Batman.

Sea Life Aquarium – The aquarium is worth a visit and is a great opportunity to cool off. They have a touch tank, a scavenger hunt, and a really fun atmosphere.

Dietary Needs – The food isn’t stellar, but I was super impressed by how they list all the dietary restrictions on the map by category.

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