Dressed for the Occasion

Prom and Wedding season is here! Get ready to celebrate!!! I’ve partnered with StyleWe.com to bring you two very different dresses for either occasion and 5 tips to help you find the perfect dress.

When trying on dresses do these few tips to make sure it’s something really wearable:

Sit down in the dress. If it’s too short you’ll be flashing your bits for everyone to see and that’s not cute or classy!

Raise your hands. If you can’t raise your hands above your head it’s not a good fit. If it’s too short you’re flashing people again – a big no-no.

Take a photo. Now that we all have camera phones it’s easy to snap a shot and make sure it’s actually flattering and it’s not see-through.

Dance around a bit. You want to enjoy yourself at the event, so make sure you feel comfortable in the dress to party!

Is it wrinkled? If it is, even if you steam it, it is most likely it will be wrinkled again the second you sit in the car on the way to your event. Try to find a more functional fabric.

My first choice was this playful, star wrap dress. I’m in love with the sleeves! It’s great for the girl who doesn’t take dressing up too seriously. It can be dressed up and worn more casual depending on the accessories. It’s got a little bit of sass, and the wrap design keeps it classic. The celestial trend is so big right now, just look at the Valentino runway collection. Everyone will be wishing upon your stars they had your style.

The second pick from StyleWe.com is this beautifully embroidered tulle dress. The details are absolutely stunning. This dress is perfect for a guest at a wedding, rehearsal dinner, or even a night out for drinks with the ladies. The empire waist and the 3/4 sleeves give this an old Hollywood feel, but the floral embroidery reminds me of the beautiful Italian ladies of Dolce Gabanna.

I love that with summer months comes the season of celebration. I’m a sucker for an occasion to get all dolled up. Check out StyleWe.com for any of your summer season needs. Be sure to use their size chart.