Binkie Bites: Rainbow OREO

How do kids know instinctively to open an OREO and eat the filling??? We are no stranger to OREO’s in this house. My husband and I are always on the hunt for the MEGA Stuffed! If you are ever eating OREO cookies at my house, be sure to check your cookie… A few years ago, my old roommate reached in the bag and ate a cookie with no middle. Yep, I often eat the middle and put the cookie back in the package… it’s awful, I know. I’m not used to OREO’s being around long enough to share with anyone. When I was had my second baby and I was on a gluten and dairy free/vegan diet to nurse, the middles were my solace! That’s right – for better or worse, OREO’s are vegan!

The only thing I love more than an OREO, is a chocolate dipped OREO. My daughter and I dipped some vanilla OREO’s in white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. You usually see people dip half, or all the cookie, but I took it further… I rolled the edge of a few to make a rainbow ring. I dipped just the flat sides to cover both sides in sprinkles! Cora had the best time dipping. She is pretty big fan of sprinkles. These are prefect for any Spring celebration.


What you need:


White chocolate chips

Rainbow Sprinkles

Pro Tip: Microwave the chocolate chips in a glass bowl. 30 seconds the first time, stir, and heat for 10 seconds. Repeat heating for 10 seconds till all the chips have melted – no need for a double boiler! (Careful to overcook, you can burn the chocolate)