Binkie Bites: Halloweentime 

Halloween is one of the most fun and creative times of the year. In my Mom Club I host a preschool-style play date every week. We make a craft, and bake or make a snack. Do sensory play, dance, sing, read, etc… This week we had so much fun with marble rolling some spider webs and stamping spiders with of a TP roll I made into a spider (you could also use a spider cookie cutter to stamp)! I hung spider webbing and picked up a bunch of different spiders from the Dollar Store. They all took turns and helped make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. For lunch I made chicken nuggets, cottage cheese monsters, and one of the other moms brought the pumpkin cuties. The kids had a great time. The marble rolling was a great way to get the kids excited and do something other than the usual painting!