3 Ways Music Makes Me a Better Mom

Music has always been a big part of my life. I was in choir, studied voice, and was on the dance team in high school. I enjoy silence, but most of the time you’ll find me listening to some tunes. Until I had kids, then the filler in the background became cartoons. As much as I enjoy the Hot Dog Dance and the theme song to My Little Ponies, I’m glad I’ve got my groove back.

Recently it dawned on me that I haven’t listened to much music around the house lately and I felt inspired to fire up the boombox. I dusted off the wireless speaker and had my husband set up the bluetooth for the Smart TV. My playlists admittedly might need a little updating, but the songs I have still make me shimmy and shake. The first day back listening to the music was a huge difference! I listened to the music all day. It was one of the most productive days I’d had around the house in a while. Both girls were at daycare and the music gave me life! I realized there are 3 reasons music makes me a better mom.


Music sets the tone for the mood. Ever since motherhood, I’ve found it can be hard to focus on completing one single task. Mom- brain is real ladies! The music seemed to take me out of my head, and I didn’t feel lost or overwhelmed like usual. I wasn’t wondering from room to room trying to remember what I was doing and freaking out about all the things I still need to get done. The music made me happy! I felt like Marry Poppins singing my way through life. My household chores weren’t as mundane. I was in a good mood. I felt like a better me, more alive. When I picked the girls up we had such a great night. I’m always so happy to see them but the feeling didn’t fade once we got home and the whining started. By the time bedtime came around I felt as though I had conquered the day. I wasn’t wanting to run for the hills pulling my hair out. The witching hour hadn’t devoured me.

“Music is What Feelings Sound Like”


The music gives me energy and in turn, more patience. I’ve started playing my music daily and I get to be more playful. I giggle and dance with the girls and they love it! We will take the music outside to play and Cora has even started wanting to sing in the car. The girls don’t ask for the TV on, or to play with their devices all day. Normally when nap time rolls around, the second I sit down to eat my lunch, my energy just plummets. Giving my day a soundtrack kept my blood flowing. I’m so disappointed I forgot how music can influence my life beat. I still need my coffee every morning, but I have re-found a great way to put the spunk in my step. Once we started it took me a few days to make it a habit again. I had to remember to keep the speaker and my phone charged. I started updating my all my playlists. I’ve always kept ones for different vibes. Sometimes if I’m too playful the dance mix can actually distract me more than motivate me. On the days I need a little more focus I listen to more easy/alternative rock. Classic rock seems to be hit with the little ones too. On rainy days, or “office work” days, I love a smooth cafe music like Sinatra or Nora Jones. Hanging with the kids, they are obsessed with the Trolls Soundtrack and luckily for me, it’s a pretty fun collection.

It’s funny how music can affect a person’s mood and energy. As a mom with a daunting to-do list it’s so important to use every trick in the book to keep my energy up and mood good. Motherhood doesn’t have to be gloomy just because the media says we should all be struggling. Music gives me a way to bond with my children. Singing them a lullaby is a great way to create a special bond and ease them into dreamland. We have always enjoyed our Mommy and Me Music Classes. I’d love for both girls to learn to play the piano. Not all moms sing, dance, or play instruments, and that’s ok. Exploring music together is a great way to bond too! I want my girls to remember me as a mom that was always happy and dancing through life. Their childhood memories should be like one long block of TRL, me as Carson Daily. I think back and almost every hit single that came out from the 90’s and 2000’s brings alive a vivid memory to go along with it. I even have some pretty amazing childhood memories of songs like Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Hammer Time, Ice Ice Baby, and I Saw the Sign. Every Sunday morning my Dad would have jazz music playing and I play it now in our home sometimes. It makes me so excited to think that in 10 years when I hear the songs from the Trolls soundtrack, it will bring back the memories of my family. These cute little faces smiling up at me and all the fun we had. I’d love to know what songs you have memories of and what kind of music your family likes to listen to? Share in the comments below.

“Music is the strongest form of magic” – Marilyn Manson


  1. Erin Al-Awar

    I so agree with this. Every time I have music in the background it improves my mood and amps up the fun factor! My lazy person hack for this is turning on the Music Choice channel on TV. Calm me old school but whatevs! 😘

  2. To Give And Get

    It’s so wild I ran across this post when I did. I have been a stay at home mom since my daughter was born a year ago. I have always been a huge music lover and was always in the loop of new music and new albums. Ever since Lilly was born, I feel like I never listen to music anymore. The other day I was totally stressing over mom stuff and my boyfriend said, “Why don’t you sit down and listen to music anymore?” It really got me thinking…why don’t I. Music has always been a therapuetic thing for me. Growing up I was in choir and did all the competitions and concerts just to avoid going home after school. Music really use to be my life. How had I forgotten how much I love it and how much it helps my anxiety? So I turned on the music channel yesterday and just listened to music all day. Lilly loved it and was dancing and watching. We danced together, we laughed together, and for once I finally felt alright again. I totally back this post 100%. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Chelsea

      Crazy how we can get so wrapped up in motherhood we forget the simplest things we used to do just for us… listening to mediocre, our favorite pre-baby dinners, what we would do with our spare time, ha ha! Glad you got your groove back too!

  3. thecoffeemom0617

    I love just putting on some music and dancing around the house. It is usually how I get the motivation to clean the house haha. It usually ends up being 90’s and 00’s music, like NSYNC.

  4. Jacqui Woods

    We have music playing almost all day. My oldest likes the Kidz Bop iHeartRadio station, it’s not too bad. I get to sneak my music in sometimes.

  5. simplyburch

    We love listening to music when we clean and also while we are doing school. Such a fun and relaxing way to enjoy usually mundane activities.

  6. Laneic

    True! I play the music for the “tone” i want to set. I do it in my classroom too. Music is definitely connected to our emotional and spiritual state ♬♪

    1. Chelsea

      I love exposing them to all kinds of music. I can see it working as they have started dancing more and sing as they play throughout the day! Even making up their own songs!!!

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