All the Reasons a Mom’s Best Accessory is Her Baby Carrier

When I first had Cora I was so worried about all the pressure to become this mess of a human being. Never wearing real clothes again or being able to do my hair and makeup. I was a makeup artist and I was so scared to lose the vibrant, fashion-forward person I am. All the mommy makeover TV shows had me believing it was impossible to look good and be a good mom.  I’m so glad they are wrong! I’m not saying it’s easy to get dressed every day, but it’s doable! When you look better, you feel better, and you do better. I’m a better mom and wife when I get dressed and be myself. I can treat motherhood like my hobby, not my burden. I love being a mom. I love being fashionable. Babywearing allows me to do both in more ways than one. LILLEbaby Carriers give me all the stylish options I want and the comfort I need.

Most moms don’t get into babywearing for the fashion statement. Honestly, I didn’t either. I started babywearing for survival and found it to be so incredibly necessary. Once I realized how awesome it is I found so many beautiful slings and carriers to keep her comfy in style.

LILLEbaby has some of the best print options available! I’m so excited to partner with them on this post. While I received product from LILLEbaby to try, all opinions here are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Binkies & Baubles blog.

Baby cuddles are the whole reason we have babies, am I right!? That sweet baby smell, those squishy delicious rolls. Having baby right below your chin allows you to give them alllllll of the kisses you want. Keeping them heart to heart only makes them stronger and helps prevent against cold and flu viruses. There is no better feeling than keeping them close, their little legs and arms wrapped around you and their little noses buried in your chest.


If you aren’t baby wearing, you’re not doing it wrong, but you’re not doing right!

It’s no secret most babies want to be held when they are infants. They aren’t used to being exposed to space. They like to be swaddled or snuggled. Wearing baby in the carrier helps babies sleep more soundly. It can help them develop their sleep cycles when they can sleep comfortably for longer periods of time. If they are in the sling or carrier you can go about your business as they sleep.

While baby is sleeping you can go about your daily life, if you want. I would put my makeup on and change the laundry with my little snuggle bug nestled on my chest. I’d prep dinner, or do the dishes. Dishes get tricky though, I always ended up getting the sling and baby all wet bending over the sink, but some days it’s worth it for the clean kitchen.

You can get more done around the house and you can go more places with ease. It’s not always easy to fit a stroller where you need to go. Stairs and doorways are a new mom’s worst enemy when pushing around the 4 wheelers. If the baby is awake they can join in on the adventure. I’d always talk the girls through what we were doing, and tell them about the world around us. People thought I was a crazy lady talking to myself, but I knew my babies needed to hear my voice. It was a great way for them to experience new places, sounds, smells, and people. I love exploring the new world around them. We can dance and sing, I can feel their little giggles. When they are so close to me it is more of a bonding experience than a way to get around.

When a baby is worn they are closer to eye level. This allows them to interact with adults on a more connected level. Baby’s eyesight isn’t very strong in the beginning stages, so being high up provides a better opportunity for interaction. It also keeps people from touching the baby because when you are wearing the baby they aren’t as exposed.

The most life-changing thing I didn’t actually experience till baby sister came along was nursing in the carrier. Being able to breastfeed a baby with free hands is EVE… RY… THING when you have the second baby. I think of how much more I could’ve accomplished with Cora if I had been onto this trick. It’s convenient and discrete when on-the-go and in public places. Nursing in the carrier was also a relief on my neck and back. I wasn’t sitting on the sofa hunched over all day every day.

Most carriers, like the LILLEbaby I’m wearing, are designed to lessen the strain on your back. They are so comfortable and are easily adjustable. As the babies grow into toddlers this carrier allows you to switch to a side or back carry. It’s a great way to keep strong and active with your kids, or get in some exercise toting around a 20-pound babe.

Carriers are a great way to allow Dads and Grandparents get in on the bonding fun too! It takes a village to raise tiny humans. Don’t carry the burden all by yourself!