Daily Dime : September 2017

It’s time for the Daily Dime September! Another Day In the Life round up of some of your favorite bloggers. Our host this month is Jacqui German from Drink the Day. This month I’m sharing one of our Magical trips to Disneyland! We are annual pass holders and try to go a few times a month. We’re a little spoiled! Hubby and I actually had passes long before we ever had babies. It’s one of our favorite perks of living in the LA area. This trip was with Grammy. She comes to visit about a week every month. She has her own apartment here and it’s so lovely to have her here, if only part-time.


We tried to leave at 8:30 am but it didn’t work out that way. The evening before we had left the diaper bag at daycare, so we had to stop and pick it up. It was the first official day of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, so we had to drive through. I needed gas, and as I was getting out to pump I realized my wallet never made it from my mom bag to my Disneyland bag…. so we had to go back to the house to grab it. Yes, I have special handbag (backpack) and a special diaper bag just for our trips to Disney, it’s just easier that way, usually. Luckily all these stops were within a mile from our home but it still set us off on a bumpy start.

So we actually left about 9:30 am, and in all honesty, that’s still a really big deal for us. We usually aren’t rolling into Disneyland until about noon! It’s about an hour drive from where we are if there’s no traffic. In LA all things revolve around traffic. It was the Friday before Labor Day and it was a HOT one! We weren’t sure if crowds would be huge or average the Friday before the holiday weekend. The magic was in our favor and there were no crowds! The heat, however, was intense! I don’t mind being hot, but when I have bra sweat and knee pit sweat, it’s not cute. We made the best of it though. There is a splash pad in Disneyland California Adventure and we made it our first stop. Cora was already overheating though and insisted she get her pink strawberry popsicle first! Cora and I splashed a played while Grammy and Bexley chilled in the shade.

When all the water fun was had, we moved onto the rides. Both girls LOVE the Heimlich’s Chew Train, “caterpillar train” as they call it, in Bug’s Life. There were no lines so we rode it 3 times. Then we went off to her favorite Princess, Arial. The Little Mermaid is a nice air conditioned ride! When it’s time for lunch we head to the Wharf in California Adventure. The girls usually get hot dogs and Grammy and I get some sandwiches from Pacific Wharf Cafe. We decided to take the Bakery Tour today. Their sourdough bread is to-die! After lunch, we went on Bexley’s favorite ride, Monsters Inc. They were having the Summer of Heros in the area so we got to meet Mr. Spiderman. Cora is only familiar with a few superheroes right now and Spidey is her fave! We needed another break from the heat so we went into the Animation Center and played around a bit. We stopped by Turtle Talk to say hi to Crush and all our Finding Nemo buddies.

The girls were still going strong so we packed up and headed over to Disneyland. Cora had mentioned wanting to watch a parade and normally you have to get a seat almost an hour before start time, but the crowds were so small we found a great spot in the shade to wait it out for about 20 minutes. Both girls fell asleep on the walk over, naturally. I was barely able to get Cora awake to watch all her buddies march by, but she got to see them. After we waved farewell to Tinkerbell and Mary Poppins we went on a little Halloweentime shopping spree. We got a bunch of fun Disney loot for our Trick & Treat night with Mickey next month. We can’t wait!

My favorite treat, absolute favorite, is their candy apples from the Confectionary. They are always coming out with new ones but Minnie is the best. Another danger zone in Downtown Disney is Sprinkles Cupcakery. We always have to swing by and bring some home to share with Daddy. We got our treats, we grabbed a quick bite at our spot, Tortilla Joe’s – best nachos everrrrrrr, and headed home. Our Disney days are always my favorite! It’s really such a magical place. I’d love to do a write up on visiting Disneyland for out-of-towners so let me know in the comments what questions you have. For all the Halloweentime and Holiday Disney fun follow us on Instagram.