Weekend Cardigan 

Last week was a bummer! Cora and I recovered from the stomach bug last weekend, and by Thursday Cora had an ear infection. The infection went away over night, but my poor girl has been through it all this cold and flu season! The warm Spring weather needs to come chase away all the cooties. Little Bexley got her top 2 molars last weekend, is getting 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth this week, and her bottom molars aren’t far behind. This little one is just miserable. My heart just breaks for babies cutting their teeth. We were glad to leave the week behind and have some weekend fun.

Jeans and a white tee are literally my momiform. They key to making it fashionable is picking some jeans with a little flare, then layering the white tee. Here I have a chevron stripped Missoni for target cardigan that I don’t think I’ll ever part with. Shoes are also a must-have statement piece when wearing the basic staples for an outfit. These pom-pom shoes are Spring must have in my opinion. They are so casual and fun! Perfect for chasing the girls all over the park on a Saturday morning.





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  1. Clarissa

    Sickness, infections and molars, oh my! Geez! Hope all is getting better on your end! (and lovely cardigan by the way – you paired it nicely with those sweet sneaks!)

  2. Derika

    This is such an easily put together look! It’s funny, someone was asking about easy mom styles and the advice I gave her was: jeans, a tank, and a cardigan! Great minds think alike

  3. KenyaRae

    I showed my daughter these shoes to see if she would wear them! She said yes and she’s seen a friend wear those! Those are cute if I must say so myself!

    1. Chelsea

      I’ve seen multiple versions of the shoes now. I get compliments from the moms and kiddos wherever I go. I even saw them in toddler sizes, which might be an Easter basket surprise!

  4. HappyHippieHomemaker

    My momiform definitely does NOT involve a white shirt, and I’m so impressed/jealous that yours does! That cardigan is to die for, but I might be stuck in sweats and baggy tees for a while yet. #unfashionablemommainthehouse

    1. Chelsea

      Ha ha! White is not easy. I buy them in bulk when they go on sale at Old Navy. Try black or a navy blue, even grey if white isn’t gonna make the cut! I had my yoga pant phase for a few months after each baby too- no judgement, we earned it!

  5. Kira-Marie

    Poor things! Sick kids are the worst!!! And this is totally my mom uniform! Haha white tee and jeans EVERY day! Love your look mama!

  6. Gina

    I basically live in cardigans, and I LOVE Target, so this post basically summed up my two faves! Going to have to find that cardigan!! Glad your family is feeling better!

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