Lula Roe

In the mommy community point of sale businesses are the new wave. I’m not a big fan, it’s not my thing, but I like to be supportive of other moms doing what they do. That said, my first impression of Lula Roe was that it’s really not my style. I’d see the ladies wearing the leggings and think they looked nice on them. I had doubts about the one-size-fits-all thing. One of my friends hosted a party and I wanted to see what all the obsession was about. The leggings are SUPER comfy! I will live in them this fall and winter. The prints are a little much for my personal day wear style, so they will be lounge wear, but I did find one dress that I adore. This Lula Roe dress is easily dressed up or down. Dresses in general are always a good idea! They look so put together when they are really just thrown on. I paired it with my favorite booties of the season, these silk embroidered Sam Edelman booties, and a trendy bag from JustFab (I added the poof). A perfect summer-fall transition look.