The Power of Peppermint vs. Morning Sickness 

This time around I had harder time overcoming my morning sickness. Not that it was worse this time, but being at home with a toddler didn’t require a brave face like working in the office did last time. I found it was much easier to let it consume me as we moseyed around. Another mommy friend was checking in on me and mentioned peppermint oil. By now I had researched remedies for morning sickness and knew about mints and peppermint tea, but hadn’t seen anything on peppermint oil. While I love a great remedy, I’m not very well versed in natural treatments as I’d like to be.

Once I researched the oil specifically, I found that it’s a common holistic treatment for upset tummy and nausea. I started rubbing it on my tummy and wrists and viola! The nausea became much more manageable. I would rub on my belly every few hours and take a quick sniff of my wrist whenever I had a wave come over me. Most helpful tip I have been given so far this pregnancy.