Tailgate Time!

Football season means BBQ’s and Tailgates! We went to the University of Oregon vs. UCLA game this last weekend, Go DUCKS! It was a morning game so we grilled up some breakfast burritos and poured some Brass Monkeys.


To grill up some breakfast burritos we started with the bacon on the grill. Using the grease from the bacon as it cooked we added some frozen potatoes and peppers, then topped in off with the egg. To make using eggs at a tailgate easy, we pre-cracked the eggs into a plastic Tupperware pitcher. Mini cinnamon rolls hit that morning sweet spot!


We all know the Beastie Boys song “Brass Monkey” but if you haven’t had one you are missing out! Mimosas are my go-to morning drink of choice, but Champagne is a little too fancy for the boys at a Tailgate. To have a true Brass Monkey you are supposed to start with a 40 of Malt Beer, drink some plain and pour Orange Juice into the 40. I cheat and pour them into a glass, or in this case a Red Solo Cup.  Cheers!