Brie Pocket

As a Mom on-the-go I am huge fan of on-the-go food. I am not against the occasional freezer, microwaved meal, but I prefer to make my own! These brie pockets are a great and super easy bake. Make a batch and freeze for the days you need that instant munch.

I filled my brie pockets with a mixture of:


Diced Apples and Pears

A pinch of Brown Sugar

& some sliced Prosciutto

Following the baking instructions on a store bought croissant dough, I rolled out half of the triangles for the bottoms, and used the other half for the tops. Told you it was easy! Baker’s tip- roll the tops out bigger to fit over the filling, and leave bottoms thick so they aren’t too gooey when you reheat.  I wrap them individually in tin foil then freeze them together in a freezer bag. Reheating them in a toaster oven works best for me. Get creative and fill your pockets with whatever makes you go Mmm! You can do the same thing with pizza dough for a more savory pocket.