Things They Don’t Tell You About Motherhood: It’s A Hairy Situation

We are all well aware that with pregnancy and nursing comes hormonal changes. Cravings, mood swings, hot flashes. These I knew about. Well it’s a hairy situation! Not only do you grow hair you don’t want, but loose the hair you prefer to keep…

Two years ago, before babies entered my mind I decided to have laser hair removal done on my face. I planned to continue with treatments but got busy and distracted. I am so glad that was the case. All the money and time and some pain was for not! As soon as my beautiful baby girl popped out it all grew back, and then some. I am now having to tend to this rapidly growing hair daily and will have to either wait till I am done having babies to have laser treatments again, or go the slightly more painful route and do the permanent electrolysis treatments. Or… I could let this amazing beard grow in and join the circus. No joke! I have more facial hair each morning than a boy in puberty and it’s not the peach fuzz kind.

While I love breastfeeding my little one, it comes with a few challenges. The issues pale in comparison to all the magic that comes from nursing but I think losing my hair is the most annoying. To an onlooker it doesn’t seem like I am losing chunks of hair, but I am. I had NO IDEA this was a side effect until I joined a local Mom’s Group and all the other mommies were commiserating. I thought I was the odd ball out. I’ve always had thick Italian hair so I loose quite a bit daily. And it’s dark so I see it often. Before baby it was long, but when the hot flashes got the best of me I got the Mommy Bob. Luckily it is on trend at the moment. Anyway, I wish I had never been part of that conversation! I was blissfully unaware I was losing my hair. Now in the shower there handfuls coming out. And the balding patches are dry and itchy. I have actually itched them so raw they have bled and scabbed without realizing till it’s too late.

You can’t stop or prevent this from happening. You might be one of the lucky few who doesn’t experience these side effects, but for the rest of us here are few things I found to help till it passes.

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