10 Simple Ways to Start Journaling and Improve Your Wellness

When someone mentions journaling, what pops into your mind? I’ve made excuses not to journal on many occasions during different phases of my life. Journaling isn’t just about writing about your day or preserving your memories. Journaling can be about getting in tune with your feelings. Understanding why you do things you do. It can be about committing to goals or working out a complicated situation. Journaling has shown to have many benefits like

  • Creating a routine
  • Mindfulness
  • Setting and Attaining Goals
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Discipline
  • Memory
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Healing
  • Self Confidence

There are many different ways to start a journaling practice. There are so many different prompted types of journals and journaling styles. One of these 10 ways to journal is sure to be a great way for you to start or expand your journaling practice.

I am not a mental health professional or doctor, all recommendations included in this article are subject to opinion. This post does contain some affiliate links, meaning, if you purchase something from me I could receive a small commission. Enough to keep the coffee flowing… not enough for a Prada.

300 Things You Wish/Pray For|| You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. When you journal your wishes and prayers it allows you to be specific on what, exactly, it is that you want. Writing what you want to manifest down is like a contract between you and your higher source. It helps to motivate you to make a plan and do things daily that aide in getting closer to those dreams. It allows you to look back and see what wishes came true.

100 Things You Can Have, Do, Be || To journal the things you can have, things you can do, and things you can be, you build self-confidence, you challenge yourself to dream BIG and you realize your potential. It sounds like 100 things would be simple, but give it a try….

Practicing Faith || Writing down a prayer/manifestation is to ask your God/ the Universe for what your heart desires. Ask and it is given. Let me say that one more time for the people in the back. ASK AND IT IS GIVEN! To write it down is to proclaim it’s truth and it’s intention. Journaling your prayers, your request for forgiveness, the gratitude for what you already have and the prayers that have been answered is a great way to stay grounded in faith. I choose to connect with my spirit guides through Oracle cards for my daily scripture after I meditate. If you are looking to create a stronger relationship in faith, I suggest The Daily Prayer Journal.

Daily Gratitude|| Giving gratitude is the first step towards a more happy and deserving you. Practicing gratitude daily allows you to appreciate what you already have and creates a sense of happiness and humbleness that allows you to be more open and attracted to more abundance. You can use a guided Gratitude Journal, an app or any blank booklet.

All About Me || If you’re not sure where to start in your journaling, why not start by getting to know yourself better in a more relaxed practice? An All About Me prompted journal with 3,000 questions designed to introduce yourself to yourself.

Brain Dump || We have between 60,000- 80,000 thoughts a day. Sometimes it’s helpful to just vomit them all over the pages. You can write them out in sentences or scribble notes and doodles.

Creative Writing Prompts || Sometimes it can be intimidating writing about ourselves at first. If your a newbie to journaling and not sure what your goals are this is a great way to put pen to paper. If you’re not much of writer at all, try drawing. These 300 Writing/Drawing Prompts are a great place to begin.

Dreams and Memories || It’s a proven practice that when you write down your dreams in the morning it improves your memory of your dreams. Dreams are important because they tell you what your subconscious is really thinking. You can use an app or a blank journal.

Relationship || If you are interested in building a more open relationship with your partner or your children there’s a journal for that too! All About Us is a great gift for your relationship. It makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day, an Anniversary or a gift for a new couple. Journaling with kids opens a whole new window into your parenting relationship. I started journaling with my girls this year, Cora is 6 and Bexley is 4. Helping your kids relive their day and pick out their favorite moment, who made them feel special, and what they are thankful for allows you to see the world through your child’s eyes every day. This 3 Minute Gratitude Journal is what we use. It makes the girls excited to get ready for bed and fosters a routine that no longer includes dragging their feet to stall going to sleep. If you have older children try Loom Journals.

Manifestation 55×5 || This is a journaling method for those looking to manifest something specific, quickly. You write your manifestation wish 55 times for 5 mornings/days/nights straight.

Forgiveness || Clearing blocks to enable you to lose weight, make more money and manifest any changes in your life. If you feel like you are unable to sustain change in any relationship in your life you may have mental blocks that prevent you from truly believing you are worthy. Take some time to write down any memory or any phrase that you can think of that is a negative or embarrassing part of your past relationship with money, weight, or love. Then go through and forgive each one until it’s no longer a memory or belief that ties to a negative reaction. Say “I forgive you, thank you, I’m sorry and I love you”. Continue this practice until you can’t think of any more blocks and you start seeing progress in achieving your goal.