STOP Consumer Nation

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I’m all for savvy shopping, but our culture has lost the true meaning behind Christmas and lost ALL appreciation for Thanksgiving. I’m saying this and don’t even consider myself religious. As a former retail manager for some of the largest corporations in the U.S., I find the fact that this year many retailers will be opening Thanksgiving day evening disgusting. It is bad enough they started opening at Midnight on Black Friday, the employees would still have to leave their Thanksgiving dinner early to go set up. Now they will have to miss it all together. Retail workers already have to bleed Black Friday preparation from Halloween on, and never get to take time off from Nov – Jan. Thanksgiving is no longer a Holiday! It has become a consumer day. Most people I see in line for the deals are shopping for themselves. I don’t know many people buying TV’s and iPads for someone else. People have died! Trampled in the insanity to save money on things we don’t need.  DO NOT SHOP THIS THURSDAY, NOV 27TH! Stand up for our friends and family and show the corporate greed that we are not that pathetic of a society. Maybe next year our retail working loved ones can be sitting at the dinner table along side us. Thanksgiving is not about the “deals”, and Christmas is not about “gifts”. I’m not saying “don’t give gifts”, but don’t make it the only way you celebrate the Holiday season.