It’s a New Year

The year 2014 has come and gone… What a great year it was! Welcomed my baby into this world. Witnessed my husband become a Father. Became a stay at home Mom. My baby went from infant to toddler. The first year of motherhood was magical and challenging. I never thought having a baby would be so – there isn’t even a word for it. it’s been the best year of my life and at the same time the hardest. Breastfeeding, 4am feeding, swaddling, co-sleeping, vaccines, tummy time, baby wearing, diaper rash, teething, solid food, bath time, colds, naps, baby sitters, crawling, mommy and me, sleep training, play dates, first words, weaning, walking. Whoa! There was no way I could’ve prepared for any of that.

Now it’s 2015. Forward thinking about what I want out of my life in this next year… For myself, my daughter and my husband. Many people make “New years resolutions”. I’ve never been a fan, but I do think the new year is symbolic in many ways. Spring is the renewal or regrowth, if you will. It’s a great time to reflect on the last year and keep track of your priorities and dreams, and how they shift and change as you grow each year. It’s important to challenge yourself and push your own boundaries. Admit to yourself your faults and areas for improvement. It’s difficult sometimes to look inward but the only way to improve is to be honest with yourself. We are all under a ton of pressure to be the perfect daughter/mother/friend/student/manager/girlfriend/wife/etc. No one is perfect or a perfect anything. As you reflect and look forward keep that in mind. Set reasonable goals with attainable timelines, but don’t cheat yourself either. Take on 2015 with gusto and confidence!

Drink more water

Burn your scented candles

Treat yourself to flowers

Make a new friend



Learn a new skill or hobby


Compliment people

Hold your hugs longer