The Traveling Mom

Over the weekend I flew to visit my parents in Northern CA. Flying with an infant for the first time, and alone, was a little overwhelming. I have two hands and five bags. I’ve been flying since I can remember,cross-country and overseas. I’ve felt like a novice traveler till now. Here are few tips/lessons I learned:

  • If you are checking the car seat, fill the car seat bag instead of another checked luggage. Fill it with the larger items you can remove once landed so you can use the car seat easily.
  • Ask accept assistance. I had a wonderful gentleman help me get my large bags onto a shuttle to the Car Rental. He even hung around to help me to my car.
  • Wear slip on shoes!
  • Wipe the seats down with a sanitary wipe to help prevent Baby from catching a cold.
  • Using a dropper, drop some breast milk into their ears and nose – recommended by our pediatrician.
  • Breast Feed or bottle feed during take off and landing to help with the pressure in their ears.
  • If you bought a lap ticket, some airlines will offer to allow you to use it if the flight isn’t full. (I was flying JetBlue)
  • Strollers and Car Seats can be bag checked free with most Airlines. Both can also be stowed at the gate.
  • The Diaper Bag doesn’t count against the carry on and personal items.
  • Breast Milk/Formula is an excepted liquid. Doesn’t have to be in a plastic bag or under 3 oz.’s, but does still have to be presented to security. One way on my flight they tested the bottles. They placed them in sensor, they did not open them.
  • I traveled with the baby in a carrier on my chest. They did not ask me to remove her, but I did have my hands swiped both ways.
  • I was not asked for her ID (Social Security card/Passport). Passport is required for international.

I will be traveling again this week, along with my Husband this time. We will be flying cross-country with Baby so stay tuned…