How to Style a Fun Graphic Tee & My Obsession with Beautiful Mules for Mommies On-The-Go

When we look better, we feel better, and we do better!

Today I am layering this super fun graphic tee from Thread Tank with my classic plaid blazer. A graphic tee can give a passerby something to smile about. This tee is for me though. To remind me that even though I’m not doing the mom thing right, I’m not doing it wrong either! I hope as I run about town it will remind the other mamas I pass that they are rocking this mom thing too!

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Wearing a tee shirt and jeans can look effortless. Sometimes in a frumpy way and sometimes in a fancy way. I like to fancify whenever I can! This necklace from BaubleBar and blazer from a few years back gives the perfect amount of spunk to make it look like I got dressed vs. threw clothes on to cover my mom bod.

Mules of any kind are the IT shoe right now! I’m obsessed with this trend of slip on embellished shoes. I’ve always been a heel girl, but these days they are making flat shoes so beautiful I don’t see why I would opt to twist my ankle grocery shopping with the munchkins. I purchased these fur lined ones last year and I have a few new styles on my wish list.

The Lassig bag is a diaper bag! Can you believe it? I can fit EVERYTHING in here! You won’t believe just how much I can lug around in this gorgeous bag. It has so many compartments I can keep completely organized and it has enough space for BOTH girls stuff!