10 Tips for the Perfect Mama Mobile

I remember the day my husband took over my car lease and we went shopping for my Mommy mobile. I was pregnant with Cora and ready to embrace the mom life. I’m such an indecisive person by nature so I was having a tough time narrowing down my options. There were a few different styles that I liked after I drove them. I spent so much time running from dealer to dealer and was so overwhelmed. I knew I wanted a third row seat for when family came to visit and that alone helped narrow down the options. That was my only priority at the time, outside of safety, but as I get ready to make the jump from SUV to possible Minivan mom there are a list of things I know to prioritize for next time. I’m so excited to share PushAuto with you. It’s the new hassle free way to purchase a new car 100% online from your phone! 

Mobile phones can do just about anything these days. You can order take-out and groceries right to your door. You can place an order for merchandise or coffee and it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Now PushAuto allows you the ease of shopping for your new car from anywhere. I can browse all types of available cars, add the features I want, get a quote and sign the paperwork all from the park bench. Try it out! Create your dream car HERE!



Top 10 things every Mama should consider when buying her kid taxi.

Safety rating

Safety is obviously a number one priority when transporting precious cargo. Review the safety rating of your car and if you are buying pre-owned make sure you know the accident history.

Back seat AC

We were surprised to learn that many sedans and a few crossovers we’ve been in don’t have a good AC air flow in the back seat. This is a must have for us since we live in SoCal. A baby can easily overheat on a hot summer day in their infant car seat.


Cup Holders

How many cup holders are there and where are they located? Obviously, the more the better as they get filled with random stuff and you always need at least one for your drive through coffee and one for a bottle or sippy cup. Where they are located is just as important! When the girls were little and we rented cars on vacation, sometimes they could reach the backseat cup holders. This would render them unusable because you can’t put a hot coffee in reach of little fingers.

Paint job

We all have our preferences of paint color, but does it work with your lifestyle? I love a sleek black car, but we park in a driveway or on the street, not in our garage. Black paint looks dirty more than a white or metallic so for now, it’s not a color I buy. Red gets more speeding tickets, so if you are one for the fast lane or commute you may want to stick to a less vibrant color. Just sayin’.


Keyless entry is one of the simplest and most amazing new inventions for a mama mobile! Not constantly fidgeting for my keys or worrying if I locked the car is such an amazing feature. My current car has a huge key and a seperate remote. It’s easy to find digging in my purse, but it can’t put it in a pocket or clutch size bag.

Fully loaded

As a new mama, having a navigation system in LA has been an absolute non-negotiable. I’m always meeting my mommy groups at their homes and new parks across town and I would literally be lost without it. If you live in a small town or grew up in the same city, this may not be a necessity. Or maybe you are like my husband and insist on using a phone app. I love having all gadgets! Rearview assist is amazing for parallel parking around neighborhoods. I love having the side mirror alerts! It’s got my back when I can’t see the blind spots. Another favorite is automatic doors! Some minivans have touch to open side doors, and the hatchbacks can open now by a foot sensor! Genious! A true luxury is a minivan with a vacuum in it! Can you imagine??? They make those now! THE. LIFE.

Gas indicator

You don’t know you need this until you go without it. For some reason, the newer cars I’ve driven don’t always beep when it’s time to fuel up. I’ve got so many things on my mind at any given moment, I can’t be responsible to know when my tank is in need of a refill. Make sure you ask if you get a low gas tank warning when buying your new car, especially if you currently have one on the car you drive now. You’ll thank me when you aren’t stranded 30 minutes away from home, in the middle of the night, in the scary part of town, with a dead cell phone and no idea where the nearest gas station is…. with toddlers asleep (or crying) in the backseat.

Tinted windows

You want a little tint on your mommy mobile. Not cause it’s gangster, cause it is, but because “Driving Mrs. Toddler” around at sunset is no fun with them complaining about the sun in their eyes. It’s also great to hide you napping in the car to get away, or changing clothes because the baby pooped all over you. You know, that kind of stuff, that only goes down in a mommy mobile.

Cargo hold

It’s no secret it takes a lot of “stuff” to go about town with baby. Make sure you have enough room for groceries and shopping bags after you put all the necessary baby accessories in the car. Some crossovers have enough room for the stroller, diaper bag, and car seat, but not much else. Think about the things you transport on a weekly/monthly basis. Like, we go to Costco a few times a month and need room for all the bulk toiletries as well as the stroller. I like to keep a beach bag with towels and sand toys in the back, as well all our park gear, scooters, and helmets, and such.

How tall are the Men in your life?

We’ve been in many cars, including our own, that don’t have enough room for Dada. In my husband’s car he just barely fits in the driver seat comfortably with the infant car seat behind him. Luckily we don’t need his car to drive the kids around often. Definitely, something to test out when buying the family car.

Cars come with so many features and accessories these days it’s hard to know what ones really matter. I’ll tell you how much I enjoy having heated seats and steering wheels! So wonderful on a chilly morning but we don’t get many of them in SoCal. Not enough to make it a priority, however, the new seat cooling systems are Ah-Maze-ING!!! So is the remote start to cool off the car before loading the kiddos to go back home from a morning at the beach. These are 2 of my favorite features in the new cars! These features and many others are so easy to add when building your dream car with PushAuto. Not in the market for a new car? That’s ok! It’s always fun to window shop! See what new cars can do these days on PushAuto and be ready and informed when the day comes!

I want to know! What is your dream car and what features you can’t live without? Share in the comments below. Don’t forget to pin and share to spread the Minivan shopping fun!