Friday 5 & 5 Tips for a Perfect Mani-Pedi

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5 Friday Thoughts

  1. Game of Thrones is back! Winter is here, and the North remembers!
  2. It’s time to be getting ready for back-to-school.  Don’t forget to treat yourself, mamas. Nordies anniversary sale is here and I’m sharing my top 5 below! Click on the image to shop!
  3. We went to Disneyland this week. Grammy is in town and we take advantage of the extra hands. It was super hot, but we made a stop at the California Adventure, Bug’s Life splash pad. Even Daddy was able to meet up with us in the afternoon and see the Electrical parade.
  4. It’s a big week for my MOMs Club calendar. We kicked off with a Food Tiding this week. I got to meet a new edition, just over 2 weeks old. Giving me baby fever. We put together a sign-up sheet for all our postpartum moms and members bring dinner for a few weeks so they don’t have to worry about feeding the family, and we can make sure they are feeding themselves. We had our board meeting to plan our calendar for next month and our monthly social, on the same day. The monthly social is our one public event each month that we invite prospective members to come and learn more about our group. I’m going to miss this months Ice Cream social, sadly, just too much to do before the weekend. I wouldn’t have made it through my first year of stay-at-home-momhood without them. One of my very first mom friends moved away over the weekend. Our toddlers were born one day apart in the same hospital, but didn’t meet till a month or so later when I joined the club. I will miss her dearly. It’s the first of Cora’s friends to move away. It will be an adjustment without them here, a hole in my heart, but there are so many amazing moms in our tribe, I’m truly #blessed!
  5. I went to an event hosted by Evivo probiotic at Au Fudge in West Hollywood (Jessica Alba’s restaurant). I got to meet a few fellow bloggers in real life. It’s always so fun to have a physical conversation vs our usual virtual ones.  It was a great time. So glad to be a part of it. I’ll be posting all the info about the amazing benefits of Evivo next week.

5 Tips for the Perfect Manicure

My pediatrician always makes a comment on my manicure. He says he can tell that a mom is taking care of herself if her nails look healthy. It means she is taking some time for herself and is less likely to be struggling with postpartum depression. I’ve done my own nails every Sunday night since I was 13. Back then I even planned out my color scheme so everything would match. I had a short stint in high school with the gel french mani’s. What can I say…? I’ve come a long way… I still enjoy doing my mani/pedi each week while catching up on Housewives. Here my top 5 tips for your at home manicure:

  1. Essie nail polish has an amazing color selection! I have yet to meet one I don’t love. When applying your polish make sure to paint at least one stroke across the top of the nail. This helps the polish seal a border on the tip of the nail helping to prevent chips.
  2. Flowery nails keep my nails shaped and buffed. It’s so important to use a good file when doing your nails. Jagged and textured nail surface causes susceptibility to chipping.
  3. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after removing nail polish. The polish remover can linger on your nails creating a barrier and the polish won’t dry 100% causing bubbles or chips.
  4. If you want to use a glitter polish make sure to use a base. This will help the glitter stick for a more bedazzled effect and help with the removal process later. No more ruining your nail files filling the glitter off!
  5. Use rubber gloves for household chores. If you are constantly washing your hands due to motherhood your polish doesn’t stand a chance. Using gloves will help keep your hands dry so polish stays strong and is less likely to chip. I love using moisture gloves when I do dishes after dinner. I put some Dr. Rogers RESTORE on my hands, and let the heat from the water open my pores. It’s how I make dishes fancy!