Binkie Bites: Black Bean Grilled Cheese

Disneyland is a place we frequent often these days. We are annual pass holders, so it’s become a favorite way to pass some time. Cora is now at the age where she is curious what we are doing today, and with whom? She will ask the night before, “what are we doing next?”. “We go to Disneyland, please???? Just a little bit…” she’ll say. When we play pretend, we are usually going to Disneyland. This dinner was in Disney Princess theme, as we were pretending to eat at a restaurant at … DISNEYLAND! Cora is hit and miss with quesadillas, and we didn’t have any tortillas, so I thought I would try to put some black beans in her grilled cheese. When it’s cut like a princess crown, how could she resist? She did try get out of eating the sandwich, then protested the beans but in the end she ate. I stole a few black beans out for Bexley to make her feel better, Bexley had ate all hers and wanted more. The chicken is left over from a rotisserie. Both girls are pretty big fans of chicken right now. As of today, Cora’s favorite way to eat carrots are like chips. Last month it was shredded…

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