Binkie Bites: Steak Dinner

It’s not often we get to eat as a whole family with the kiddos bed time so early. I always sit with my toddler and the baby when they eat, but I usually wait to eat my dinner when my husband gets home, after kids are in bed, usually a few hours later. When we eat lunch together on the weekends, its usually out, and we always take into consideration what Cora will be able to eat wherever we go. By able, I mean willing. We hadn’t tried to give Cora steak in a while, and we were BBQing early, so we made it a point to all eat together. I knew it was a long shot, but I thought if we all were eating the same thing it would help persuade her, especially her Dada.  Wishful thinking!!! I got her to taste the steak by bribing her with a cookie, although she said she liked it, she refused to eat another bite. She was excited about the caprese I chopped, but the vinegar was too strong. In true toddler fashion she didn’t touch the green beans. In hopes of eating my steak while it was still room temperature, she ate yogurt.