A Traveling Toddler

Toting a toddler around town can be challenging. Flying or car trips for Spring Break is a whole other ball game. Here are some great ways to keep your toddler occupied and the tantrums at bay.

Something Shiny & New

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it just has to be new to them. If you are flying it should be small and light. And don’t forget to get them for both ways.



Latches, locks, buttons, puzzles.



I make these water bottles and rice bottles with all different art supplies. They made awesome party favors at my Little One’s 1st birthday party. Obviously, you will want to take the rice ones if you are flying.


I try to only use apps when absolutely necessary on any day. Especially when I am traveling with others and want to be respectful that my toddler can only play and watch with the volume on.



I don’t like to use food to cure boredom or frustration but when you can make a little O’s necklace, this is a way to give them a snack that will also keep them busy.



The best toys are always things that aren’t toys at all. Straws, pipe cleaners, and spoons make great travel companions. Spoons and straws you should carry in your diaper bag anyway.