The Purge

In the last year I’ve been pregnant, had a baby, gained weight, lost weight, working, then a stay-at-home Mom. With all of these changes my wardrobe necessities varied greatly. Not just in size but in appropriateness as well. I wasn’t able to wear any of my dresses while nursing if I would need to nurse in public. I lived in athletic wear for at least 3 months after the baby was born. No need for those trousers I would wear to the office anymore! Time to purge.

Over the weekend I removed all clothing I no longer needed or wanted. Items still in great condition I opted to consign. Anything else I donated to a local women’s shelter. I have challenged myself to wear all remaining items since I have a tendency to keep things I know are beautiful but will never wear again. Some of these items are not your typical stay-at-home Mommy items, but I am going to try to make them work. I have always thought of myself as stylish girl and hope to bring that style savvy into the life of motherhood. I will share these looks on Instagram and Facebook, so follow along if you are interested in a real life mom’s how-to-wear guide.

If you need space in your closet and have a hard to time removing items here are few tips:

Remove anything you haven’t worn in 6 months (unless it is a weather specific/special occasion item)

Turn your hangers the wrong way, in 6 months from now get ride of anything still on a backwards hanger.

Do not buy anything new unless you get ride of something old (great way to save money too)

Estimate what you paid for the item divided by how many times you have worn it. Decide if it has “paid for itself”