Books for Baby Preparation

In America having a baby has become a huge consumer market. There are so many books and products available for an expecting parent to weed through it’s overwhelming for most. Many books are offering theories and methods to raising a baby. Hundreds of products are available that sound awesome but you don’t actually need. Growing up in an in-home daycare that my Mom ran, I didn’t feel the need to do an abundance of research or read every book on birthing. A lot has changed since 1995 so I did sign up for for a week-to-week update of my growing baby and some answers for a few lingering questions. When it came to the registry lists, they had so many products I’d never heard of or used before in my Child Care studies during High School. Luckily I had a few friends that had babies before me and bequeathed some rather helpful guides I have passed on to expecting friends and would recommend to all..


Baby Bargains

This is a book that is perfect for first time Mom-to-be. A couple of consumer advocates test and compare almost every product available for Mom and Baby. From Bottles to Strollers, to Diapering, this book breaks it all down. They go over budget, pro’s vs. con’s, practicality, usage, and safety. This book is updated every few years to include the latest products. As an indecisive shopper this guide was my go-to for building my registries.

Happiest Baby on the Block

This book was not only given to me by a wonderful friend, it was recommended by almost everyone I came across while pregnant, including our birthing class instructors. There is also a movie, available on Netflix. This book focuses on calming a crying a baby with the 5 S’s. New parents will spend a large percentage of time doing this in the first few months. My Husband would also recommend this book.

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