5 Roses I Love for Summer and an Ice Cream Spritizer Everyone will Enjoy

Rose all day

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I’ve always been a fan of Rose. What kind of fancy, princess, mama would I be if I didn’t like a pretty pink drink?! I’ve been drinking through bottle after bottle to find the best Roses for your summer get-togethers. I know… Life’s tough…! If you are hosting a BBQ, Bridal or Baby Shower, or just going to Mom’s Night Out everyone will love these crisp refreshing flavors.

1 || Apothic Rose

I was introduced to Apothic through a MNO. One of my gal pals brought their Red Blend and it’s been one of our go-to’s at about $10 a bottle depending on location. The Rose is a Limited release, so stock up! This blend uses Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It’s a fruity flavor with watermelon, raspberry, and strawberry hints. Great for a summer wine and cheese night.

2 || Chloe Rose

Chloe has taken the fashion world by storm and now the brand has vined into wine. The line’s packaging is perfection. A great Insta-worthy bottle ranging in the $15 price point. It’s more on the tart side with ripe cherries, dried peaches, and blackberry. Try serving with your favorite fish tacos.

3 || A to Z Wineworks Rose

A to Z is an Oregon vineyard. Being from central Oregon I had to give it a taste test. This Rose is in the $15 price range and is lovely. It’s a crisp and floral Rose with strawberries and hibiscus. Perfectly paired with a summer salad.

4 || Josh Rose

I visited Joseph Carr Josh Cellars in Paso Robles last year for a friend’s birthday weekend. I might be biased and slightly emotionally attached to this one. Josh Rose has strawberry and melon, perfect for a dessert spritzer!

5|| Justin Rose

Another Paso Robles favorite visited on our wine tasting weekend in Cali. This Rose has strawberry with apple and peach flavors made from their Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It’s a $20 price point bottle and will turn a pizza night into girls night.


If you are anything like me you don’t stop with a simple bottle of booze when you are throwing a summer bash. The only thing more summer than Rose is Ice Cream. Served as a punch or scooped with love in each glass, these Strawberry Ice Cream, and mint spritzers are sure to have your guests seeing pink!

Strawberry Ice Cream & Mint Rose Spritzer

  • Strawberry ice cream or Gelato
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Fresh Mint
  • Lemon Lime Soda
  • Favorite Rose