Summer Fruit Fusion and 5 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

If you handed your child a coke in front of me, I would totally judge you! If you’re reading this I’m guessing you just reacted with some form of “I’D NEVER!” am I right? I drink soda on occasion, but my husband enjoys a fuzzy beverage pretty regularly. His are some form of diet, so our kids literally never drink those. We’ve let them try my Dr. Pepper and the oldest doesn’t care for the carbonation, but little baby Bexley thought those bubbles were awesome. Bad move Mom! Now, whenever I drink one she all but demands I share with her. I haven’t enjoyed one in front of her in a while.

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I’m a mom that lets them have juice maybe once a day. Do you know how much sugar is in 6oz of apple juice? There are 20 grams of sugar!!! The same as my Dr. Pepper! Sure, that sugar is from the apple, but the sugar responds the same way in our body as sugar in soda. Juice is a huge factor in cavities and tooth decay for kids. For every juice they drink, they aren’t drinking water. Summers get pretty hot around here and keeping them hydrated it so important. Drinking water is a great habit to start them on early.

Recently I stumbled upon these TwistShake sippy cups. They are perfect for getting the girls to drink more water and not ask for juice. When our fresh fruit is about to go bad I always try to freeze it. We usually use it for baking or smoothies, now we use it for water! I freeze all kinds of fruits to infuse the water with flavor. Berries, oranges, pineapple. They love to pic their fruit fusion combo in the morning and add the fruit ice cubes to their cups. Their current fave combo is pineapple and strawberries. They also love watermelon water. I use the immersion blender to mash the watermelon and freeze it into cubes. The TwistShake cups allow you to add fruit with a special insert so the fruit doesn’t clog the bottle nipple or sippy holes. They’ve been a huge hit for us the past few weeks. Mom WIN!!!!

It’s just as important for us moms to stay hydrated. We should not only be modeling by example, but we need all the pick-me-up we can get. Here are my 5 tips to increase your water intake and enjoy it.

1 – I have been infusing my water for years. Strawberry basil is one of my faves. A simple sliced orange or lime can be so refreshing! Cucumber just like at the spa. Freezing the fruit for summer it doubles as ice cubes!

2 – Adding bubbles is a great way to get that Pop of refreshment. I use a soda maker to add bubbles to my filtered water. Be careful with how often you drink the fizzy CO2 though, it can deplete the body of calcium, which we all know is important!

3 – Carry a water bottle! I never leave the house without one. Even at home sometimes I will still use it for water so I can keep track of how much I’ve had.

4 – Use a straw. I recommend the stainless steel reusable so you aren’t creating waste, or paper straws so they are recyclable. I even add a straw to my water bottles to keep the water flowing! It’s clinically proven a straw ups your intake!

5 – Use a wine glass. Sometimes I just want to feel fancy! Using something visually pretty will make me want to use it. A pretty stemless wine glass, with some fruit infused bubbles and a cute paper straw? Keep the water coming!