Embroidered Chambray Dress

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We moved to this charming little Colorado town right before Christmas. It was somewhat unexpected in that it happened months before we planned on moving. We were in town visiting and fell in love with the town and a home we thought had the potential to be our family’s forever home. Circumstances happened to fall into place and a week later we hired a moving company and left all our friends and family on the sandy beaches of Los Angeles for the mountain view in Fort Collins.

When we move to a new area it usually doesn’t take me long to adventure out in my new neighborhood. I love going out for coffee and getting lost on my way home. There’s no better way to explore the town, especially now that we can always turn our navigation on to get us home. Exploring with kids was different than my old getting lost days. They don’t have the patience for me to drive through unknown communities. Instead, I joined some local mom groups on Facebook and found the local MOMs Club chapter. I’m very familiar with local parks, but I’ve yet to truly window shop downtown. Priorities! Every day there is a little something that happens in the day that lets me know we made the right decision for our family and our quality of life. It’s the biggest leap my husband and I have dared to take and while it’s come with its struggles and sacrifice it’s been an amazing growing experience.