Taste What’s Trending

Ice cream is always a favorite summertime treat. I remember my love of ice cream from when I was a little kid. My Grammy used to take my siblings and I to the grocery store, and they had a small 6 flavor ice cream cart. We would all get a scope of the Bubble Gum. The three of us would save all the little bubble gum bites till the end. My palate has since advanced, but I’ll carry those memories with me forever.

Fast forward to my high school years. My house was known and is still remembered by many, as the cookie dough house. Whenever I would have the girls from the dance team over for a little get together my mother would make us chocolate chip cookie dough. We’d be engaging in the latest gossip and fashion trends, listening to the new POP 40 music videos and my mom would bring in a mixing bowl and hand full of spoons along with cups and a gallon of milk. The cookie dough was never baked in our home. A tradition I gladly carry on, even on Christmas Eve. Santa loves himself some cookie dough!

There is a huge trend going on in food right now. Foodies are combining two already awesome food ideas to make the best treats ever. Many of them offer a healthy dose of nostalgia as ice cream and cookie dough do for me. I’m obsessed with the idea of a cookie dough cone. I saw one shop pop in in NYC and was soooo thankful I live across the country, or I’d be there every day. I watched another come to life in LA and so far haven’t been able to brave our LA traffic just for a bite. Luckily I’m pretty good at making cookie dough though, so I mixed some up with the girls for our last trip down to the beach. It’s a great alternative to actual ice cream, which is so hard to keep cold in the heat. We took our favorite cookie dough recipe and added mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and some rainbow sprinkles for some flare!

Keeping cool at the beach is easy with S.Pellegrino. The cold bubbles are always so refreshing. From NYC to LA there are so many amazing culinary creations trending on social media. S.Pellegrino has also looked to everyday food enthusiasts for inspiration by monitoring trends on social media. Click here to get inspired!