Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness Every Morning

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My morning routine is anything but calm. Sometimes I get up before my kids to get something done in peace, but most nights I stay up too late and I end up begging them to lay down for just 5 more minutes. The idea of a morning meditation sounds awesome, but where would I get the time? I can’t even pee in the morning without both my kid’s audience. How we begin our morning can set the tone for the whole day. My husband and I try to make sure the bed is made each morning so we can start off on a productive path. No matter how hard we try though, the morning routine is more chaos than routine with 2 toddlers.

When most of us think about a meditation we envision sitting still, most likely criss-cross-applesauce on the floor with our hands on our knees.  The general thought of meditation is that you should be thinking about nothing. Blank space sounds like a mini-vacation, however, that’s literally impossible for a mama like me with a to-do list a mile long. The busier we are the more we need quiet time. A time to be still, to be filled with gratitude, and time to recharge our batteries. A little spa time each week would be divine, but let’s be real, most of us don’t have time or money to be at the spa relaxing on an average day. To complete this meditation, all you need to do is hop in the shower with your favorite scented body wash. If you are curious what your favorite scent might be you can take this fun quiz from Suave. With a little help from Suave and my own Mom, a master meditator, I bring you the

Ultimate 5 Minute Shower Meditation

Stand in your bathroom, both feet flat on the floor, close your eyes, chin slightly toward the sky. Place your hands on your heart and take a deep breath. Feel the breath entering your body through your heart and exhale. Again, this time I want you to say “I am grateful for the day”. Bringing your awareness away from yourself, continuing deep breaths through your heart start to give thanks to being alive…. give thanks for our running water… slowly undress and fold each item of clothing with purpose into a pile.

Now, as you are calm and ready to enter the shower, I want you to bring your awareness back to your heart. Continue your deep breathing and give thanks for your beautiful body, your healthy body, the body that gifted you your children. As you start to wash your body do it in a different order each day. This will allow you to live in the present and future, not repeating your past. Take a deep breath in and smell the aroma of your body wash. Allow the scent to fill your heart with positivity and intent for your day. Are you washing with an Ocean Breeze? Will your day be calm and peaceful like the sound of the waves hitting the shore, or will it be fun and exciting like riding the waves and splashing with your children? Mandarine Mango scent could give you a tropical vibrant energy to dance through your day being colorful, creative, and productive. A Cocoa Butter and Shea is hydrating. Will you absorb the knowledge and energy around you? Will hydrate those in your day with love and care? Find your perfect scent with Suave’s scent quiz and have the perfect mindful moment in your shower.

As you shampoo allow your mind to focus on your intentions. Create a firm affirmation for those intentions and choose a mantra to keep you on track. Take 3 deep breaths before exiting the shower. Let the warm water run over your head and breathe the love of yourself. Bring your hands back to your heart and breathe the love of your body. The last breath will bring the love out of your body to surround yourself with the aura of love and energy. Now grab your towel and wrap yourself in that love and positivity. As you dry, dry with intention and love for your body as you did when you washed. Being grateful for your powerful, healthy, beautiful body, drying in a different order each morning to stay in the present and maintain an elevated emotion to create your beautiful day. “I love my life”.