A Feel Good Motherhood

It’s time to get back to you Mama! Motherhood is one of the most selfless jobs. It can be painfully frustrating, and infinitely rewarding all in the same moment. The sleeplessness, the lonely, and the poopy. It’s so easy to get sucked over to the Mombies dark side. The sweatpants, scrunchies, and bonbons- they call me. How can a job that brings so much joy be so taxing? Motherhood comes with an emotional attachment and zero time off. A connection between mother and child that is so strong we often find ourselves lost in the vortex of mom life. We’d love a break but can’t bear to miss a moment. We hold ourselves to such high expectations of what we wish motherhood could be for us. For some it’s more arts and crafts, for others it’s getting out in nature, and for many, it’s an idea of a clean and picture worthy home. While we all have different goals and priorities in our mommyhood job description, the one thing we all have is the unrealistic bar that it sets. Let’s collectively move that bar to an achievable level so we can all celebrate the days we get it right!

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The thing about motherhood is, it’s a job that is managing the unpredictable. Being a mom is constantly dealing with situations that are out of our control. Whether we are trying to prevent the meltdown, pick up the pieces of a distraught child, or are wondering aimlessly in the chaos, there is little that is foreseeable when it comes to motherhood. We hope, pray and wish all day, that today will be a day where things go my way. That the tiny humans will cooperate and be little bundles of joy. As motherhood is a daily game of roulette, I offer you this… a few tips and tricks to help you be true to you throughout your days of juggling all that motherhood entails.


Feeling good is imperative for a mom’s success in motherhood. The first thing I do each day to make myself feel good is my coffee. Those first few sips, while they are still hot, they are just heavenly. I make sure to really enjoy it. Then it’s off to get myself ready for the day ahead. My husband knows how important, getting a few minutes for my makeup routine in the morning, is to me. I do my makeup and throw on my momiform, usually a tee and jeans. Some cute shoes and eye-catching accessories to make it a complete “look”. Whenever I find a good dress it’s a one stop shop! They look so chic and effortless. Whatever you wear, I’m a firm believer when you look better, you feel better, you do better.



It might sound silly to some to do my makeup every morning, even when I have no plans to leave the house, but as a former makeup artist, it allows me to feel like myself. The self that is still there from before the kids were born. I promised myself when I got pregnant I would continue to do my makeup every day and not “let myself go”. Of course, there have been days that are the exception, but I have, for the most part, kept my promise to myself. I get to start my day with something for me, and it gives me confidence and energy to tackle my day.

I may not get to wear heels much, but my collection of flats has become sizable. I might be in a white tee shirt and jeans, but I look for tees with small When it comes to wardrobe I’ve had to compromise as a mom of a baby and toddler. I no longer get to wear my heels, but my collection of flats has become sizable. I might be in a white tee shirt and jeans, but I look for tees with small details and have collected an array of accessories to dress it up. One of my favorite accessories is this beautiful timepiece from JORD. The blue face is so stunning, and the wood grain makes each watch a one-of-a-kind. Cora has started asking what time it is just so she can look at my “click clock”, as she calls it. She has just started to show an interest in her own fashions and accessories, and it gives me all the heart eyes.


Outside of looking good to feel good, here are 7 tips to help you through the trenches of mom life and feel good doing it.

  1. Drink more water – it’s been said 100 times before because it’s true! If the thought of drinking water brings you zero joy, try infusing it with fruit, or some sparkling bubbles. Drink it from a wine glass, or a with a pretty straw.
  2. Get active – you don’t have to join a gym (although that is how I got my hour a week of me-time in the beginning) or train for a marathon, but take a walk with the kids, do some yoga, get your blood flowing.
  3. Affirmations – change your outlook on your day. Today is a good day to have a great day!
  4. Eat real food – it’s so easy to snack off the kiddos plate of finger food, or if you’re like me, drink coffee non-stop and skip the food altogether some days. Our body needs fuel and lots of it when we are sleep deprived.
  5. Treat yourself – that’s right! Eat that doughnut. You’ve earned it. And go make some salad for dinner. It’s all about balance.
  6. Music – Sing like no one is listing and dance like no one is watching. I crank the dance music when it’s housework time, and play some soft coffee house tunes when I need a calming vibe. Warning: dance parties will be inevitable when you include the kiddos.
  7. Find time – for your partner. That sounds like you are doing something for someone else, but it’s for you. Making your husband or wife a priority in your day will make them more sympathetic and empathetic to you when you have a rough day and need some support. A babysitter, or date-night-in, is way easier and much cheaper than a divorce!
  8. Find your tribe – The old saying “it takes a village” rings true. Find a mommy group in your area and connect. It will be a great opportunity for you and your little one to socialize.

It’s a tough gig, but I would never give it up! Every time I look down at my beautiful watch, I remind myself, these little girls get bigger with each minute. They will never again be this little and innocent as they are today. Tomorrow they will have new experiences and understandings. Cherish each and every second of this sweet, sweet adolescence. Kiss them, squeeze them, and sniff them, for soon they will be grown.


Show your children that you are worthy. Being a mom is tough, we deserve a moment for ourselves each day. When you look better and feel better, your kids will behave better… It’s true. By feeling better, the energy in your dynamic will change for the better. It will make an impression on them. It will silently whisper to them that you demand respect because you respect yourself enough to give yourself joy.

What makes you feel good? What are your hobbies? Invite your children to join you, and see if they have a passion or talent for it too. Whatever it is, it should energize you and give you solace when you know the witching hour is upon you. We deserve to be the best versions of ourselves. Our partners deserve us at our best too! I’m so excited to celebrate moms like you and help you feel your best with JORD wood watches. JORD is going to give one lucky a winner a $100 gift code towards a beautiful wood watch, and everyone who entered will receive $25. It’s so easy to enter. Click here!

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