Binkie Bites: 3 Devilish Dessert Eggs

‘Tis the season of the hard boiled egg. There are plenty of ways to devil an egg. Here are 3 dessert egg ideas you can serve up on a platter!

Apricot pistachio


Birthday Cake


Strawberry Cheesecake


Any recipes I make are usually made to taste. These dessert eggs are no exception. I started with the same base for all 3 flavors. I mixed the yolks of 6 eggs with some marzipan till nice and creamy. About 1/4 cup. Added some vanilla, maybe a teaspoon and a dash of salt. Honestly, you can stop there and they taste great!

For apricot pistachio I mixed in a little apricot preserve and crushed a pistachio to garnish. To make the birthday cake all you need is some rainbow sprinkles! I garnished a few eggs with a strawberry and some crumbled graham crackers to create a cheesecake egg. The possibilities are endless!

Share your ideas for a devilish dessert egg in the comments below…