Sister’s Sprinkle

For our first baby we had the big co-ed Baby Shower. Having another girl, we still have everything we need, so it felt silly to have a second shower. However, I still wanted to celebrate our little sister. I wanted a beautiful stress-free day with all the ladies that have been there for Cora and I, and will continue to be there when Sister is born. I decided on brunch.

It turned out beautifully, with not much more than flowers for decor, and a dessert table. It was the perfect gathering. I am so thankful to have so many wonderful women to support me in all the aspects of my life. I have my new mom friends, who are there to share our experiences and go through the rough patches together. I have my friends from before the baby, who remind me who I am and help me not loose myself in the everyday challenges and exhaustion of motherhood. Then I have my family, who are there through it all. A support system is the best gift I could ever ask for on this new adventure in motherhood.