Co-Sleeping in Comfort

Our Pediatrician is a big believer in Co-Sleeping. Recently our little Bug outgrew her bassinet. We tried moving her to our bed but it wasn’t working well for anyone. The bedroom isn’t big enough to house her crib so I ordered a mini-crib. Turns out, our bedroom is barely big enough to house a mini-crib. To make the room more comfortable I had to do some rearranging. Just one more unexpected way a baby has taken over a room.

I use a nightstand with drawers to hide unsightly things like the hot pad and tennis balls I use for my back. The Lanolin and nipple butter no one wants to see. Tylenol PM and my nightly facial wipes Etc… I keep the most used lotions & potions on the bottom shelf, and use a colorful vase/votive for the trash. For additional storage of baby essentials, like bedtime books, extra diaper and such, I found a basket that would fit perfectly under the nightstand. To keep the top of the nightstand neat and fancy, I use trays for the jewelry and watches I rotate regularly. I use them around the whole house for all kinds of loose things. Keeping the bedroom a clean and organized room in the house is not only fancy, but it’s important. They say people who make their bed every morning have more productive days and better moods. It also makes bedtime more comfortable and relaxing. *sigh*