Celebrity Sightings

I’ve lived in the LA area of Southern California for many years now. One of the things many people who have recently moved here ask me, is where to go to see the celebs? Sure you could spend the whole night at a late night variety show taping, or lunch at the Ivy. You’re always bound to run into someone shopping at the Grove. The best place to go though is Barnes & Noble.

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Celebrities are cashing in knowing how much we are interested in their real life stories. We get to see them as the characters they portray in their shows and movies, but we are dying to know what they are really like. Even the most major celebs like Alec Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, and Cameron Diaz come to mingle with their fans and sign books at Barnes & Noble.

I’m a sucker for a fun celebrity story. I don’t have much time to read as a mom-on-the-go, but I like to keep a lighthearted book handy for the days the girls fall asleep in the car ride home and I’m held captive in the front seat. I still pack my fave celeb buddy along on my beach bum days as an old habit. I know I won’t get to read while chasing my toddlers around on the sand, but it makes me feel better knowing it’s still with me. Some might have evolved to the tablet way of reading, but there is still something so special to me about turning those pages. And the way the ink smells, the sound the binding makes the first few times you open it. I close my eyes and I feel like Belle from Beauty & the Beast in my own overwhelming library with nothing but time. Then I snap out of it and read the newest of our Sandra Boynton collection five times.

I’m super excited I’ll be hopping on a plane to Orlando for a big blogger conference next week and I will FOR SURE have time to catch up on some just for fun reading! Que the princess soundtrack! I stopped by Barnes & Noble to pick up Make Your Mind Up by Bethany Mota, who is currently doing a book signing event at Barnes & Noble. This book is the perfect way to get inspired for all the Social Media overload I’ll be getting. Can’t wait to learn more about her journey and how she stays motivated. Grabbed a few magazines. One to enjoy with my coffee at Barnes & Noble, and another for while I wait at the LAX terminal.