Mom About Town: The King & I

There are many things you take for granted as young woman before children. One of those things is the ability to have a girls night whenever you please. Once the kids are in the picture it takes mega planning to step out the door kids-less. In the event you are lucky enough to meet with other mom friends, it took some serious coordination skills to all have the same free hour. To see this play, the four of us planned months in advance. It was a wonderful weekend day excursion. The executive planning payed off. Four moms, out and about in LA for a show and early dinner!
The King & I is an incredible play. I enjoyed it very much. I have only seen the newer Jodie Foster version of the story, and I recall enjoying in much as well. It’s hard to not be influenced by the political references in the story with our own current events. But I’m a sucker for everyday influences that make you think.

Being moms to a younger generation of kiddos, we all wanted to see a day show. This brought on the question of appropriate attire? A show in LA is often a tourist attraction, so during the day many will attend in jeans and casual wear. Being our only kid free opportunity to get out on the town we decided to dress more cocktail attire. Funny enough we all ended up in black and white… classic!



I am all over the menswear blouses this season. I particularly love the ones adorned with ruffles and feminine details. I had just received this off the shoulder blouse from Shein and it was perfect. I felt denim, even with the blouse and heels would be more casual than I wanted, so I wore these black pixie slacks from Target. I’m a big hi-low believer. High priced accessories-low cost clothing. My heels are my investment piece in this ensemble, beautiful Valentino’s. The drop earrings are from my most recent shipment of RocksBox.