Wet Nights

We are finally sleeping through the night, most every night! YAY! If you’re not there yet, hang in, it eventually happens. Cora started sleeping through the night a little over 1 year old. Unfortunately she would wake up at the crack of dawn, usually soaking wet due to an overflowing diaper. She likes to drink a bottle as she falls to sleep, and while she sleeps through the night, bedtime can still be a challenge. If she is really in a fighting mood, she will take up to 3 bottles before finally entering dream land. No wonder her diaper is leaking by morning! My husband I decided we would start braving a mid-night changing. We don’t head to bed till around 11pm, so we’ll sneak in and change the diaper really quick. Not always an easy task. She likes to roll to her belly the second the diaper comes off which makes it a fun challenge to get the dry one on, but it works! And we’ve only woken her once. She will now sleep till 7-7:30am most mornings. Hallelujah!!! On nights she had 3 bottles before falling asleep, she will sometimes already leak by our mid-night changing. My Grammy used to be a night nurse, and my mom passed down her secret…. We double the bedding with waterproof liners in between. That way, when she leaks, or is sick in the middle of the night, we just pull one layer off and there is a clean sheet underneath. Works like charm.