Spread the Happy

Being a mom is hard. It’s hard for everyone. Stay at home, part time, full time, single, married, etc., none of them are easier than the other. They each come with their own struggles. Being a mom might come more natural to some, but that still doesn’t make it easy. Raising children is a big deal and it comes with a lot of pressure. THE PERFECT PARENT DOES NOT EXIST. I am new to the mom club, my LO just turned a year. In this last year, I have seen first hand how easy it is to judge one another, join each other in misery and martyr ourselves. Why are we so quick to let the negativity suck us in?

To sit at mommy groups and play dates and share our experiences and struggles is one thing, but to turn motherhood into this all consuming ugly isn’t healthy for anyone. Most days I may not have showered, I’m probably covered in everything the toddler has eaten, and I have a million things on my to-do list but I make myself a priority too. It is important for the mommy to feel good and pass along the good energy to the rest of the household. When you look better, you feel better, you do better. It’s not always easy to keep your chin up and smile, but as a mom, our number one priority is our children. That our children are healthy and happy. A smile is the easiest way to look better. Smile through the rough moments. Force it if you have to, with a deep breath. The moment will pass.

My husband is always quick to remind me how my baby has only been in the world a short time. Adults are familiar with the way of the world. Sound, hot, cold, hunger. These little precious babies have no understanding of life yet. It always gives me a sense of empathy, and I am more likely to enjoy my cuddles than trying to survive them. If there are dishes in the sink, they will still be there later. That little baby will only be little for a moment.

We are all struggling to find out way in motherhood. We are all looking to find other moms who understand how we are feeling. So next time you are quick to judge the other mom or put her parenting style down, try to think of something that you admire about her. The next time the average moans and groans of the conversation become pure negativity, challenge yourself to change the topic to something positive. Surround yourself with light and be the light others need. We’re all doing the best we can and we can all use all the support we can get from each other, no matter how different we are.